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Iron infusions- Help Advice

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user1482269580 Tue 20-Dec-16 21:58:15

So basically 3 months ago I had blood tests that came back with iron deficiency and folate deficiency. I was referred to hospital with what looked like IBD, had my appt with the consultant 6 weeks ago and whilst there they took routine bloods. Anyhow since then I have found out I'm pregnant (6 weeks 1 day). So to make it clear my bloods were taken before I concieved. Yesterday I received a phone call from a nurse at the hospital saying she was calling to book my In for my iron infusions, I was rather confused as I wasn't informed I'd need these, so she said she would call me back later.
Since then I have had no call back. I tried calling the hospital and had no joy at tracing anyone who claims to know anything about me or what consultant I'm under. I've rang my doctors who seemed rather unaware, I have been into my doctors and they say if it's done at the hospital then they hold no records.

My point is im really concerned that I was clearly serverely anemic prior to pregnancy and now I feel like I'm fighting a constant battle of needing sleep yet having to work for a living! Anyone have any advice on what to do seen as my doctors don't care, hospital arnt calling back and I have yet to hear a peep out a midwife to start the whole pregnancy checkups.

Let me also add my mum and brother have to have vitamin b12 and iron infusions every 3 months as they Can't naturally absorb it. Whilst pregnant with my youngest I had iron and b12 given intravenously every other day for the last 4 weeks, my son is now 4 and has developmental delays that they are going to assess for autism.I believe his delays are down to having b12 deficiency and doctors never ever testing for it. They only test a pregnant women, never just a non pregnant women or a new baby.

I'm petrified I'm going to afffect my unborn baby by no doctors or hospitals or midwifes helping me. I'm worried sick to be honest. I feel each day that goes by my body isn't coping and I'm the one who's supposed to be as heathy as possible to give my unborn baby the best possible start in life.

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