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The period to end all periods

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ThinkPinkStink Mon 19-Dec-16 22:54:15

Hi there, I delivered DD by EMCS in mid October, lochia was the gift that just kept giving (it went on for over seven weeks).

Soon after the lochia stopped my period started (I'm FF), for four days it was super scarily heavy (I read this is expected for the first period pp) but not painful (so I half worry it's not a period and just extended lochia haemorrhage).

On the first day of my period I took the first progesterone only pill in the packet (which is new to me, I've always been on the combined pill). I know the PoP can mess with your periods.

My period slowed down a lot by day four or five, but the is still going (ten days from starting) - only light, but definitely there...

Does this sound normal or so should I faff around with a doc appt?


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