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Emmastone123 Mon 19-Dec-16 14:39:07

Okay, please excuse if any of this is tmi. About a few months ago I noticed it was dry in my perianum (the little bit of skin between the vagina and anus). It would often bleed when I had a bowl movement and wiped. It basically has turned into a tiny tiny paper cut like thing that bleeds a tiny bit. Anyway it wasn't going away so I went to the GUM clinic. She went through my sexual history (two partners - used condoms, and now with my husband for last 3 years)

She looked at it and could barely see it but said she would swap for gential herpes just in case but not to worry as it doesn't look like it is. However, since Friday I have developed the same paper like cut on the top of my anus, no 'typical' herpes symptoms like blisters but little paper cut thingy and the skin does look quite dry around the 'paper cut'.

Anyway, I get the results on Thursday, and I'm FREAKING out. I can't sleep/eat/I'm shaking. It sounds so dumb but I do suffer from anxiety. I've convinced myself I have herpes and now just feel like a failure in life. It's seriously scaring me. Please can people give me their thoughts? Many thanksxxxx

PollyPerky Mon 19-Dec-16 17:55:56

sounds nothing like herpes.

Are you using some kind of loo paper that is either scented or rough or both? Or shower stuff, bath stuff, washing yourself too hard?

It sounds like a skin condition not an infection / virus.

Do you have a history of eczema or similar?

SpuriouserAndSpuriouser Mon 19-Dec-16 18:00:54

It sounds unlikely to be herpes, but even if it were it isn't the end of the world, and it certainly wouldn't make you a failure at life.

I hope you get to the bottom (no pun intended!) of what it is, and you are able to access treatment soon flowers

Mamabear14 Mon 19-Dec-16 22:08:33

Have you had children? I found after my last birth where I had grazed having her still opens up if I am a bit rough wiping! It looks and feels like a paper cut, bloody stings.

PacificDogwod Mon 19-Dec-16 22:11:40

Founds more like an anal fissure - get seen again, GP if that's easier.

PacificDogwod Mon 19-Dec-16 22:12:14

Sounds, even. Sorry.

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