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Is this thrush?

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AuroraBora Mon 19-Dec-16 00:37:40

Sorry for the tmi and for the general ignorance blush

Since I woke up on saturday I've been very itchy around the entrance to my vagina and not weeing often. I was out drinking on Friday which will have dehydrated me and am terrible with drinking enough water generally, but even on saturday evening when I was out drinking again (though only a couple of drinks, don't judge me! grin) I was still only doing small wees and I am clearly dehydrated. I thought I'd done fairly well with drinking enough water during the day but I guess not.

I've never had thrush before so no idea if it is or not. Could it be dehydration?

If I think I have thrush do I need to go to my GP? Or can I just go to boots pharmacy? If I use Canestan and it isn't thrush, will I just be wasting money rather than doing damage to myself iyswim? I just think getting a GP appointment this week is going to be damn near impossible, even ignoring work and everything else I have on!

TIA flowers

WetsTheFinger Mon 19-Dec-16 00:43:19

It does sound like thrush. They do usually recommend seeing a doctor for your first case of it, however if you can't make an appointment then going to the pharmacy and buying a canestan pessary will do no harm, even if it isn't thrush. Then obviously should it not help you will need to see the doctor.

Knittedfrog Mon 19-Dec-16 00:51:01

I'm sure canestan now do an over the counter test for thrush. Or am I imagining thisconfused

AuroraBora Mon 19-Dec-16 00:51:26

Thank you smile

I'm laying here in bed and it's so itchy sad

Do I just buy the pessary or should I get cream too?

Why does this sort of thing happen at the worst time?! If it doesn't clear up I'm going to be having to wait until after Xmas to try to see my GP in the few days before New Year.

AuroraBora Mon 19-Dec-16 00:52:42

Ooh knittedfrog I just googled and it looks like they do!

Gingernaut Mon 19-Dec-16 00:54:02

Although you can buy the cream separately, Canestan comes in 'kits'.

Pill + cream, cream + cream and pessary + cream.

Get one of those and it will treat you internally and externally.

Knittedfrog Mon 19-Dec-16 00:54:29

Great! If it is I would go for the duo pack of pessary and cream. That way you know you've done all you can to treat it.

user1440873379 Mon 19-Dec-16 01:02:59

The pessary goes inside and so you know it'll definitely treat anything internal, it works faster than an external tablet as well, the pessary along with the cream cleared up my thrush in around 5/6 days, and it was quite severe

AuroraBora Mon 19-Dec-16 01:08:30

I just read Amazon reviews for the canetest and a lot are negative, and it's £10, so I think I'm going to just buy a duo pack and conclude that if it doesn't clear up then it isn't thrush.

I read that the pills can make you sick so I'm probably not going to go for them, but out of the internal cream or pessary, is either more effective?

Thanks both cake

AuroraBora Mon 19-Dec-16 01:09:32

I think user answered my question grin so pessary is the best?

WetsTheFinger Mon 19-Dec-16 02:05:19

Sounds good. Try and avoid sugar for the next few days, drink lots of water and don't have hot baths or use anything other than water to wash down below.

TrionicLettuce Mon 19-Dec-16 02:34:42

I've used both cream + cream and pessary + cream (I avoided the pill for the same reasons as you) and found the pessary combo worked more quickly. It only took a few days, if that, to clear my last bout.

sadie9 Mon 19-Dec-16 10:48:16

Canesten won't do you any harm at all. Hopefully the pessary and cream will work. In some cases you need a one dose tablet called Diflucan.

NannyR Mon 19-Dec-16 11:05:32

I've never had any adverse reaction to the tablet, for me they clear it up really quickly. You can buy them on amazon for £1.25 rather than the £7 or £8 they cost in a pharmacy.
I do get some sort of allergic reaction to the canestan cream, for me it makes the itching much, much worse.

AuroraBora Mon 19-Dec-16 19:29:10

Thanks everyone flowers I've bought the duo pack. I've also drunk more water today and avoided sugar, which is bloody hard this time of year!

Mamabear14 Mon 19-Dec-16 21:29:24

I find the pessary always makes me itch more before it clears up, just to prepare you! I always buy the internal cream now, it's nice and soothing

AuroraBora Tue 20-Dec-16 09:15:24

I think that might be the same for me mama. I did the pessary last night and omg it's itchy. I almost want to cry it's so bad!! When should it start to clear up?

Mamabear14 Tue 20-Dec-16 09:46:09

It was a couple of days for me. I honestly wanted to claw my bits out! I always use the cream now. I think it was one day of horrible itching after, then not so bad until better.

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