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So scared of my hiv results

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Scaredmummy2be16 Sun 18-Dec-16 18:27:31

Hi everyone
I don't know if any of you have been in the same boat as me on here recently but I have just found out I am about 5 weeks pregnant and the dad doesn't want to know he's alot older than me and says he can't have children etc etc but I have found out he was sleeping with someone the same time as me and now I am petrified he has giving me an std but I'm most worried about the big ones like hiv etc I have taken a test which can detect hiv from as early as 28 days so I will hopefully find out the result late this week but I have read somewhere that being pregnant whilst taking the test can affect the result of a hiv test i.e giving a false positive reading. I am petrified of the outcome and I guess was looking for a little reassurance. I have two children already my boy is 7 and little girl is 5 and I am so scared of the outcome not just for me but for my children and my baby . I am so anxious about this I can't concentrate on anything other than this. sad

Lilybensmum1 Sun 18-Dec-16 20:04:11

This is olbviously really worrying for you, did you ask the hcp when they counselled you for the HIV test? If not you could try phoning tomorrow for some advice to put your mind at rest until the results come in, it's horrible waiting for tests results but maybe some advice would ease this slightly.

I have not looked but I'm sure there will be lots of charity's that could advise on this too. Good luck OP hope you gets the advice you need.

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