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Does this sound like it could be endometriosis? *possibly tmi*

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Emzerness Sun 18-Dec-16 10:06:39

Morning everyone, sorry if this is a bit long. I do have an appointment with doctor tomorrow but just wondered if anyone else has been through this.
My periods have been an ongoing problem for years now but just lately I honestly can't put up with it.
When I was a teenager I had very heavy periods (clots etc..) when I was around 17 I starting taking cerazette which stopped them completely.
I am now 24. Last year I started bleeding randomly throughout the months. Doctor suggested coming off cerazette to see if it would help. Well in that time I fell pregnant.
Fast forward to March this year, I had an emergency c section and since then my periods have been absolutely horrendous and seem to be worsening with each one.
The symptoms I have are:

Very intense cramps which I get sometimes 3 weeks before any bleeding even happens. It's at its worst in the first week of bleeeing. I will be awake at 4am crying and no pain killers make any difference.

I feel sick and light headed

Whenever me & partner dtd - afterwards I get a real painful deep ache in my pelvis/under lower belly area which also radiates across my lower back.

Lower belly feels sensitive to touch

Periods last 2-3 weeks (currently on day 17)

Diarrhoea during heaviest days

I lose old blood before new

Overall I just feel crap. It's really getting me down now.
Don't know whether this means anything but my mum mentioned when she was younger she had the same issues and had surgery to remove some things in/near her womb (can't exactly remember what she said word for word) but she says she doesn't remember whether it was endometriosis or not.

Does it sound like it could be?

hairymuffet Sun 18-Dec-16 10:46:23

Yes. Sorry flowers

Emzerness Mon 19-Dec-16 16:13:50

Anyone else have experience with this? sad

PollyPerky Mon 19-Dec-16 17:53:08

There are support groups for it online- have a google.

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