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Getting a bike :-it is Health related

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EveOnline2016 Sun 18-Dec-16 10:04:36

I have arthritis in my knees. I also have anxiety and depression.

Would I be crazy to get a bike.

Rudymentary Sun 18-Dec-16 10:05:44

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

museumum Sun 18-Dec-16 10:06:42

Only you know your knee. But if you live somewhere flat I think it's quite possible to cycle quite gently.

WhoKnowsWhereTheT1meG0es Sun 18-Dec-16 10:08:05

Probably depends how hilly it is where you live. The knees might be fine with gentle pedalling on level roads but not ok with the extra effort to get up hills.

CMOTDibbler Sun 18-Dec-16 10:53:29

Dh has rubbish knees (really rubbish, bone on bone, bone spurs, has been offered knee replacements) and cycles a huge amount. It has improved the stability of his knees massively. And getting out on a bike in the fresh air is great for your mood.

Start off gently, then go further bit by bit and you'll love it

crazyspanner Sun 18-Dec-16 11:20:36

I think it is definitely worth trying it. I recently took it up and it has really helped me. There are a couple of people in the group with bad knees who say cycling is good for them. Being outside definitely helps my mood.
If you are a lady check out Breeze rides, they are free, specially for ladies and great.
There is also ride social open to both genders.
All rides can be booked through a website goskyride.

EveOnline2016 Sun 18-Dec-16 12:28:58

Thank you I have some birthday money left so going to buy a 2ndhand bike.

TDHManchester Mon 19-Dec-16 15:37:56

I think you should give it a go. It will definitely help with the A and for your kneews,,well gently does it. The most important things are,,make sure you get a bike that fits you. Go to a proper cycle shop,i,e not halfords etc.

Make sure its properly adjusted for you,,take it easy,,remember,its never a crime to change down a gear if you are suffering.
NEVER NEVER stand up to pedal. Change down..happy cycling..

OH and dont forget a high vis vest and lights

MollyHuaCha Mon 19-Dec-16 21:19:11

Enjoy your bike. Take it easy at first to check how your knee is responding.

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