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Molar sensitive to cold (Part 2)

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Bluebell66 Sat 17-Dec-16 06:05:45

Apologies for another tooth thread, but I'm having a real dental crisis!

I have now established the problem tooth, it is top right, the one before my wisdom tooth, so right near the back.

The corresponding bottom tooth is already missing.

I have a problem with my jaw causing me real problems with opening my mouth very wide. This means access to this tooth is going to be very limited.

I think the easiest option would be to have the tooth removed, but I have two concerns with this.

1). The corresponding bottom tooth is already missing, will it be impossible to eat on this side?

2). Will the lack of two teeth on one side of my mouth cause my cheek to sink in and go really hollow looking?

I would really appreciate anyone's experience or knowledge on this.


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