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post op impossible with kids

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acorngirl Fri 16-Dec-16 02:08:01

I had knee surgery for a meniscus tear 3 days a go, My in- laws have come to stay with us to look after my 3 kids (age 8, 5 & 3) in our small apartment. After two nights my mother in law said she didn't want to come and stay and look after the kids again, she has been doing masses here and is exhausted (we had planned a holiday in Jan and they had agreed to look after the kids before I injured my knee) and the kids have been messing about terribly so I've had to get involved in the child care. Instead of healing I hurt my knee three times today picking clothes up off the children's bedroom floor, trying to dress my 3 year old and being knocked into by arguing kids at bed time. I thought because my in-laws were here I would be doing no child care. My 3 year old son is with me half the day as they are too tired to keep entertaining him (fair enough). I am getting very depressed lying in bed all day, and am also in a panic that I have injured my knee while it should be healing. Any support greatly appreciated. (I called my mum today for support and she just criticised my life and parenting saying I need to sort my situation out, move home, be stricter with the kids etc etc). Feel trapped in all this.

Groovee Fri 16-Dec-16 02:40:31

Hugs. Could your OH not help out?

Bobochic Fri 16-Dec-16 03:01:12

I'm not surprised your ILs cannot manage - your DC are young and neither side are used to being together like this. Can you ask a friend to take one or more DC during the day?

WiltingTulip Fri 16-Dec-16 04:25:01

I know what you're going through, I have a disease and am often unable to care for my dcs, especially after surgery. The only solution is paid childcare. See if they will do drop off and pick ups. If you have a dh see if he could do one and the inlaws the other?

acorngirl Fri 23-Dec-16 15:56:14

Thanks so much Wilting Tulip
Your advice was really helpful.
I have found a wonderful teenage mother's help who has been in three times this week for a couple of hours.
I couldn't manage without her and I'm trying to pay for as much help as a can. Just the thought of it helps.
Warmly with thanks

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