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Doctor gave me the wrong results!

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pootleperkinandposy22 Thu 15-Dec-16 17:24:17

Hi all, I'm posting here and in WWYD for traffic...
I had a uterine scan early in the year and GP read the report to me. She read that I had a polyp and a fibroid and said they were tiny, think mm not cm.
At my first Gynae consultation (this week) I was told the results of my second scan - 'Atypical fibroid, cannot rule out malignancy' and advised a hysterectomy in the new year. He has arranged for an MRI as he was suprised as it was now more than 6 cm diam. and concerned that it had grown that much, so he rang to check with the hospital who did the first scan. Today I received a letter telling me that my fibroid was not small on the first scan but over 6cm!
My question is what am I supposed to do about it? I just don't know what happened...
I first saw my GP (who was lovely btw) at the beginning of the year and after this first scan she also referred me for a hysteroscopy as I was worried, which was fine too. I was advised to have a Mirena for the heavy bleeding!
Luckily at the same time, my GP also referred me to a incontinence clinic for pelvic floor exercises (didn't get an appointment until October though) and they picked up that I was retaining urine and referred me to a urologist who scanned, found nothing and finally referred me to a Gynae!!
I have been really upset and worried I just don't know what's going on it's been nearly a year since I first approached the gp. Am I supposed to speak to the GP/Hospital? what's the point? what if the delay has caused massive problems? The Gynae does say that as it hasn't grown that is a really good sign...
I would be really grateful for any thoughts -I don't really know what I'm asking to be honest!

Musicaltheatremum Fri 16-Dec-16 13:38:57

I would go in and see your GP again and do a fact finding mission together to find out where the error has occurred. there are several steps in the chain where errors can be made anywhere from the hospital to the filing of the records. We get about 200 documents to file daily all electronically and errors can be made.
Has there been a typo on the report the GP got. the GP will have got a typed report and not seen the scan.
Good news that it hasn't grown. Gynaecology should be following you up about this.

iklboo Fri 16-Dec-16 13:42:50

Definitely a meeting with GP & practice manager first to find out where the error came from.

pootleperkinandposy22 Sat 17-Dec-16 10:33:49

Thanks for the replies, I 'phoned the surgery and asked the receptionist to read the u/s scan results to me. She said that it said the scan was satisfactory, but it was very detailed and she didn't understand it so suggested I speak to someone clinical. I have a telephone appointment at the end of the year with the senior partner (yikes!). He is normally very dismissive and doesn't have a very nice bedside manner so I'm already feeling intimidated. Unfortunately the lovely GP I saw has left. She did refer me for a hysteroscopy, I guess that's a Gyne referral? The consultant who did the hysteroscopy said as she found nothing that was it I believe... I haven't heard anything else from that department but I guess if she only had the tiny polyp and fibroid report from the GP and the fibroid is on the outside (I'm guessing here) she wouldn't have seen anything anyway. With only these things to go on I can see why she discharged me.

musical I am surprised about the filing thing-I assumed that when the scan person types the results in to a computer, the results are read by a doctor, authorised and then a button is clicked to send the exact same report to the GP practice electronically and the same from the GP to whoever they refer to. Is this not the case? If not I can see where there is much room for error. I'm pretty sure my GP had a hard copy that she read from.

Musicaltheatremum Sat 17-Dec-16 20:46:45

the repot is sent direct to the GP practice (usually electronically) but it then has to be electronically filled into the patient's GP record so errors can occur. Also it can happen that the wrong patient is pulled up at the hospital so report at hospital done on wrong person. Thankfully rare but sometimes same name or date of birth causes problems.

pootleperkinandposy22 Sun 18-Dec-16 08:03:17

Thanks for the info musical. I thought it was some kind of typo but I really hope they haven't mixed me up with someone else. The GP referred me for the u/s as she was worried about ovarian cancer mainly-this is the only scan I've had on my ovaries so this means it can't be ruled out after all. Thankfully the CA125 (ovarian cancer) blood test results were ok (assuming they are mine too!) but apparently it doesn't always show up in the blood, hence the scan.
I'm going for the MRI next week so hopefully I can find out what is going on definitively.
Gynae consultant has recommended a hysterectomy in the new year, probably with ovaries-I just want it out ASAP.

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