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Postpartum bleeding

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PeppaAteMySoul Wed 14-Dec-16 22:50:07

I had a baby 12 days ago and am still bleeding. It slowed down day 2-3 but hasn't slowed since then very much and is still fresh red blood. Is this something I need to worry about? It doesn't smell and I don't feel ill. I just expected it to be on the way out by now.

ThinkPinkStink Wed 14-Dec-16 22:57:45

Hi there,

My lochia went on for much longer than expected too. As you probably know there are three stages of lochia, the first being the red phase ('lochia rubia') for me this went on for three weeks, coming and going, some days the discharge wound be almost clear, other times really bloody.

I did some research and loads of websites warned against the rubia stage coming back after it had passed, so I was a bit worried and spoke to my midwife. She was completely reassuring and said that so long as I didn't have a temperature and it didn't smell yucky (yuckier than periods I guess) not to worry.

I was still experiencing some lochia (the final clear, mucousy stage) until six weeks pp.

All in all, lochia is he gift that just keeps giving, but if you're worried, call your midwife/GP/health visitor just to be triple sure everything is fine.

(I had an EMCS not sure if that is relevant to my lochia experience).

ThinkPinkStink Wed 14-Dec-16 22:58:22

Wound = would

milkjetmum Wed 14-Dec-16 23:02:41

Mine lasted over 6 weeks but was light and so no cause for concern. Did get a little heavier one day after I overdid it pushing pram up steep hill to hospital to take dd1 for hip check.

But then no period for nearly a year (breastfeeding)

ThinkPinkStink Wed 14-Dec-16 23:17:11

Oh yes, like milkjet it was definitely heavier when I'd overdone it the day before (taking it easy is HARD!).

PeppaAteMySoul Wed 14-Dec-16 23:19:14

ThinkPink yes I was getting worried because of whar the internet said about the red stage and I mentioned it to the health visitor today who said red boood at this stage is unexpected. It's good to know it's not just me!
Milk I'm hoping I will have no period for a while as breastfeeding too.

ThinkPinkStink Wed 14-Dec-16 23:59:04

Oh I forgot to say CONGRATULATIONS on your new addition!!

Also - I noticed that I bled a lot more when I was breastfeeding (as in at the actual point of feeding) I think it's because breastfeeding creates oxytocin which causes your womb to shrink back into shape, causing lining to be ejected.

crocodarl Thu 15-Dec-16 10:13:18

Mine lasted about 6 weeks each time (have had 3 kids). Apparently its normally. As is stopping sooner.

crocodarl Thu 15-Dec-16 10:13:38


hairymuffet Sun 18-Dec-16 11:01:40

I think it is normal for it to last longer if you've had a section.

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