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verrucae.........any ideas?

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ggglimpopo Fri 18-Jun-04 08:44:56

Message withdrawn

gingernut Fri 18-Jun-04 09:25:14

Oh dear, your poor dd. I had a verruca that was resistant to this type of treatment (this was ages ago, in my teens). In the end my doctor cut it out under a local anaesthetic. It was painful (despite the anaesthetic, and then extremely painful once it had worn off!) but it healed up pretty quickly and it was a huge relief to get rid of it (it went very deep and used to throb constantly). I don't know anything about other types of cure but I would say if it's been there a while and is a stubborn one, physical removal might be the best option.

Piffleoffagus Fri 18-Jun-04 09:34:49

garlic worked really well on warts on my son, peel a slice flatten it/crush it and put a plaster over it, messy smelly though.
Bazooka is meant to be good, I am off to get some as they have gone mad on my feet now too!
Tea tree oil too, it is truly magical stuff, I use it on everything!

noddy5 Fri 18-Jun-04 09:39:35

soak really well and put tea tree on it neat,persist as it takes a while but works eventually.Also homeopathic remedy thuja is meant to be good but I haven't tried it myself

gloworm Fri 18-Jun-04 11:13:15

same advice as noddy!
neat tea tree 4 times a day
neat lemon oil 4 times a day(essential oil)
thuja (health shop, some chemists), very tiny tablets that dissolve on tongue.
the mixture of the 2 essential oils will not only get rid of the verruca, it will stop them spreading.

codswallop Fri 18-Jun-04 11:17:47

my chirop say s leav them

OR get cyclic acid form somewhere

saintshar Fri 18-Jun-04 11:18:39

I was just looking at this on Boots web-site, as i have had a verruca for 8 yrs, and have HAD ENOUGH!!

It costs £11.75

Wartner provides a new way to remove viral warts and verrucas. It is fast, effective and easy to use.
Wartner works by rapidly freezing the core of the wart or verruca. After application, the wart or verruca gradually disappears or falls off over the next 10 days.

Just one treatment is usually sufficient. Two or three applications are recommended for stubborn or more persistent warts and verrucas. Allow 15 days between treatments.

Contains 10 applications.

codswallop Fri 18-Jun-04 11:18:57

oh and she says bazzoka is crap

gloworm Fri 18-Jun-04 11:22:02

that reminds me, one of the local chiropodists has been giving this advice too (tea tree and lemon). she has said it has worked for lots of her clients.

if you just leave them, will they not spread? not sure, maybe they dont, i know warts certainly spread if left alone! i thought warts and varrucaes were similar, i could be wrong

gloworm Fri 18-Jun-04 11:23:13

as far as i know, freezing is just temporary, thay usually come back again

tamum Fri 18-Jun-04 11:40:57

I think it would be very rare for verrucae to come back after freezing as long as it's been done properly. I'm with coddy's chiropodist on this one, salicylic acid is brilliant.

ggglimpopo Fri 18-Jun-04 12:17:16

Message withdrawn

JanZ Fri 18-Jun-04 12:35:09

I'd agree that freezing means that they might come back. Verrucae are caused by a virus - if you cut them out, then you may not have generated enough antibodies to be immune to them in future.

I had a whole patch of verrucas for years on the ball of my feet. They never bothered me until they started to have another spurt and started spreading to the side of my foot. I then started on the salicylic acid route which was extremely painful (as it was such a large area - a chiropodist had refused to cut them out). I had to stop as I was going away skiing, but by then I only had about a few left (including thr Mummy and Daddy ones - the original two).

What was interesting was that once I got back, I noticed that they were disappearing anyway - it was like I got the infection down to a manageable enough level that my body could get rid of the rest.

That's maybe why the "gentler" remedies, like the essential oils, work, as they are working in harmony with the body.

discordia Fri 18-Jun-04 12:53:59

AAAAAAAAAAARGH B****Y VERRUCAE!!!!! Sorry but I developed my first verrucca at the age of 21 and since then (I'm now 33) I've always had at least one. I currently have a large "mosaic" one which I've had for SIX YEARS. I have tried "freezing". Tried bazuka (crap), veracur (formaldehyde!) myself. Had them treated privately by chiropodist with silver nitrate. Didn't work. Chiropodist told me I needed them "frozen" at fortnightly intervals but my GP will only do them monthly and can't afford to go private. Apparently if you have them cut out the virus can still remain in your system and they can come back. AAAAAAAAARGH AGAIN! Sorry to have nothing constructive to say but I would love to have a nice smooth foot instead of horrid warty right foot. Have to say I'm prone to warts. One on finger, one under thumb nail and one on belly button (thankfully invisible!). All the "experts" say that you develop immunity to them in the end. Ha! OK, I feel better now I've moaned a bit. Thanks.

discordia Fri 18-Jun-04 12:56:04

Forgot to add that if you get rid of the "parent" one, the rest are supposed to die off. My big one is "parent" to eight others on the same foot.

JanZ Fri 18-Jun-04 14:46:12

Discordia - I think I had mine from the age of about 18 until I was 30 (I can remember when I got rid of them, but not when exactly when I got them). So maybe you're coming to the end of your "sentence".

Can't remember now how many - but there was definitely a Mummy, a Daddy, a couple of big kids and then loads of sproglets.

But the self applied salicylic acid (on advice of GP - it may have been on prescription) did work to get rid of most of them, albeit with a lot of pain. At one point, it looked like the whole of the thick layer ok skin that develops on the balls of your feet was liftng up, exposing raw skin underneath. It was painful to walk - which was why I had to give up in advance of going on a skiing holiday.

That's why I think the idea of the essential oils sounds much more pleasant!

karen99 Fri 18-Jun-04 21:50:42

I too have suffered from them on and off for years (but they've not been painful thankfully) and have tried several remedies which haven't worked. I was told that they have a seven year cycle and that even if they go you could expect to see them back in 6-7yrs! Finally mine appear to be going so I'm clinging onto the posts that eventually your body gets immune to them (I'm 32 but first got them as a teenager from school showers)! It's a form of herpes virus and I thought once you caught a strain of that it was with you for life... (please tell me that is wrong!)

Sorry no useful advice ggglimpopo..

moominmama86 Fri 18-Jun-04 21:57:00

Uuuuurrrrr, this thread is making me shiver....yuk! Hate the little buggers.

I've always left mine, although the last ones I had weren't painful so it didn't matter too much. I just used to attack them with a pumice stone whenever I had a bath (!!) and eventually they just went. When I was at school I had some terrible ones and put some bazuka-atyle stuff on them - then they went all gooey and used to stick to my socks - bleaugh.

God, I've actually managed to make myself feel sick...

charliecat Fri 18-Jun-04 22:06:05

My dd has one at the moment, we did bazooka it ages ago, but its layed dormant and flared up again and ive been battling with her to let me sort it out now we are getting to the bottom of it. It was vulcano like but now ive got it flatter to the skin and she screams like mad when i touch it to bazooka it, so they really are that painful? I thought she was taking the mick.
I had a wart once, i picked it for about a year, taking seeds out etc, then I discovered boyfriends and decided it must I bit the whole thing was about the size of a penny!

karen99 Fri 18-Jun-04 22:40:47

uuuuggghhhh charliecat!

Tinker Fri 18-Jun-04 22:57:03

Oh God! Warts...seeds? Mummy and Daddy veruccas. Think we need a 'revolted' emoticon. My daughter got a verucca a few weeks ago so I now have this to look forward to?

ks Fri 18-Jun-04 23:17:36

Message withdrawn

saintshar Sun 20-Jun-04 15:04:21

But i had a verruca when i was at school , which went on its own. I have now got another one! So doesn't that dis-prove the theory about them not coming back if you leave them?

kittyb Sun 20-Jun-04 20:53:27

I've also had one for years. Surrounded/covered by really hard skin which I tought was the result of my own diy attempts with something from Boots (cant even remember what it was). Went to a chirpodist last year and had four freezing sessions and that didnt get rid of it either. I have recently given up work and only now do I have enough time to address this properly. I have a blue pumice stone thing from the body shop and every day in the bath I rub away at the hard skin, then pour tea tree oil over it then put a plaster on. Only now am I seeing any progress. So the solution is to give up work and only then will you have enough time to beat the little b*ggers!

charliecat Wed 23-Jun-04 12:53:04

Right, dds verruca has been shrunk with bazooka from an almighty volcano looking thing to a smaller than a matchstick head brown crusty patch. I have chiseled at it with the emery board, what I am now worried about is, as it is healing up all it will take for it to come back and grow again is if one of the seeds stays under the skin. Any ideas or do i just chisle and cream till it looks like its gone?

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