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Fibroids - What Can You Tell Me?

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Paddlechick666 Fri 16-Feb-07 20:07:55


Since the birth of dd, 15 months, I have had very heavy periods. Heaps more pain, a fair bit more PMS and much much heavier blood loss including clots - sorry TMI!

I mentioned to the dr and she has sent me for a scan - if I ever get around to organising it!

She said it wasn't anything to worry about and wouldn't be any reason to expect reduced fertility.

I'm 40 and dd is my first child.....

I just googled it and really didn't like what I read about hysterectomy and reduced fertility.

Obviously I don't actually know I have them or what type but............

Anyone got any experience or knowledge they can share?


saltire Fri 16-Feb-07 20:14:03

I was in a similar situation a feww weeks ago, convinced i wuld have to have a Hysterectomy. I was diagnosed with fibroids this time alst year. i ahd very heavy crippling period - i was crawling on teh floor with the pain as i couldn't stand straight. I couldn't use Tampons, and was getting through 6 packs of towels in three days. 9Sorry TMI there i know). It just seemed to start from nowhere, and i was sent for a scan. I was also put on the depo injection, which have helped, they have stopped the bleeding and the pain completley. Now i know this may not be ideal for you, as it is a contraceptive, and you may want another child, but it could help in teh short term. I had to get mine altered to 10 weekly, instead of the usual 12, but it's great. I then wnet to see the Gynie, and hewas great. Because of the fact i no longer get pain, and they ahven't grwon any bigger i don't need a hysterectomy, and my family is complete so the option was there.
can't help much on teh reduced fertility side i'm afraid as it's not relevant to me, but i hope what i said has helped a little.
Try and get your scan booked as soon as possible though, then at least you will knwo what you are dealing with. Sorry if i haven't been much help

Paddlechick666 Sun 18-Feb-07 08:29:58


thanks for the reply. i will go and get this scan booked.

i'm a bit surprised by it all as i asked the dr about it affecting fertility and she said no!

yours sounded a lot more painful than mine but the heavy bleeding, pain and clotting is definately happening. i'm also losing weight quite fast at the mo which is freaking me out a bit.

i think i would like another child but it's doubtful due to personal circs......

anyways, thanks again, i'd best pull my head out the sand and get myself looked at.

Paddlechick666 Wed 21-Feb-07 13:05:17

well, i'm in for the scan on friday......

Paddlechick666 Fri 23-Feb-07 10:20:32

well, seems there's nothing there! nothing at all. no fibroids, no cysts, no polyps.

they even put a camera up my fanjo!

but apparently i am ovulating from both sides this month so maybe I should grab dh and go for twins!!

saltire Fri 23-Feb-07 10:36:51

I was just about to post, and ask how you got on with your scan.
Are you ovulating from both sides each month? Perhaps that's what causing the pain. At least you haven't got fibroids though

Paddlechick666 Fri 23-Feb-07 16:19:49

i don't know, i meant to ask but forgot! dd was enjoying playing on the magic bed too much LOL.

she was most annoyed that the TV wasn't tuned to Cbeebies but my uterus!

actually, i'm a bit concerned that i am ovulating both sides each month as that's cutting my fertility lifetime by half

i'll do a bit more research and ask the dr when i turn in the results.

am relieved not to have any sign of any nasties in there tho.

dh was most intrigued, asked if it was like an attic and if there were any lost toys in there.


ponylove Fri 23-Feb-07 16:24:22

I know this is a bit late as the panic is over but my sister had fibroids a few years ago. She had keyhole surgery to have them taken out and there was definitely no risk to her fertility. So to anyone else with them don't think it means a hysterectomy, it doesn't.

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