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Missing Mirena strings, wait to see nurse?

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LoudBatPerson Tue 29-Nov-16 11:52:23

I would welcome any opinions or experiences with similar.

I have had a Mirena coil for a few years now. Just over a week ago I had a really horrid period, heavy, clotty and more painful than any I have had since having the Mirena, but I did suffer with terrible periods before having it fitted.

As it was odd, and I realized I hadn't checked the strings in ages, I had a feel and I can't find them. This has never happened before they have always been easy to find.

I have a smear booked in for the 6th dec. should I wait until then and ask the nurse to check or try and get in to see a nurse or doctor sooner?

I have stopped bleeding but am still suffering cramping however not as bad as it was.

Other recent history is that I have been getting a lot of one sided pain after sex or orgasm for the last couple of months, not sure if related or not.

I have taken a pregnancy test just in case and that was negative.

DooWhop Tue 29-Nov-16 20:08:25

My strings used to wrap themselves around my cervix! Never had them just hanging if that makes sense. Bizarre!
Could this happen? Mirena isn't tiny, I think you'd notice passing it (waits for 10000 mumsnetters to have experienced passing mirena without knowledge 😂)

bimbobaggins Fri 02-Dec-16 21:57:04

I've had my coil for just over 3 years and not long after it was fitted the strings disappeared. I have had 3 scans since then to check it's in the right place (which it is) . At my last one a year ago I expressed my concern to the gynae doctor at the hospital but he assured me not to worry about anything until it's due for removal and even then not to worry as he has " special tools to remove it"

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