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Please could someone explain these urine results to me?

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Singingstarfish Mon 28-Nov-16 05:45:59

Hi, I've had lots of tests recently and have obtained copies of them.
Is there anyone who could kindly explain what this means:

Urine protein level (XE2eG)
In the result box it says the following:
ACR > 2.5/3.5 mg/mmol (m/f) and PCR > 15 mg/mmol are adequate to define CKD 1 or 2. Consider commencing ACEI/ARB if diabetic.
Refer to www.renal org for further info.

Also, my urine creatinine level (XE2qO) is above range at 31.4 mmol/L [2.55-20.00]

I have terrible back and abdo pain and was sent away with painkillers, but am I right in thinking that I can push for further investigation with these results?

Thank you to anyone who is able to shed some light on thissmile

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