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Anyone been diagnosed with osteitis pubis, and how long did it take to get better?

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cheesepretzel Sun 27-Nov-16 23:49:20

Am currently waiting to see a dr having been diagnosed with this. Have done some reading about it, and so have stopped exercising to try to let it get better, but today just walking around the shops, having to pick up kids, general going about life stuff, etc set it off and it's very sore.

Any advice re treatment/recovery times would be much appreciated.

accendo Mon 28-Nov-16 11:21:18

I have adductor enthesopathy, my doctor did mention that it used to be called or was offen misdiagnosed as osteitis pubis. It was absolutely excruciating and I injured it in childbirth and put up with it for years and many wrong diagnosis and advice until a great sports physio properly diagnosed me and referred me to a sports medicine surgeon.

I had an ultrasound, MRI, XRAY and CT scan to find out the extent of the damage unfortunately I needed surgery on both groins as my tight tendons were pulling and fracturing my pubic bone where the tendons inserted and causing the intense pain. They lengthen the tendon and reattach it to the pubic bone in 2 spots to take the pressure off. It helped immensely but I developed scar tissue on my right side that cortisone injections couldn't break up and had to have an operation to remove it. In between there are weeklynpysio visits. The last op was about a year ago and I've had a little pain and 3 more injections but it was all worth it beause the pain had become to much to bare, there were days that I couldn't lift my foot off the ground and had to walk backward to drag it behind me. It was limiting my life severely.

cheesepretzel Mon 28-Nov-16 17:47:12

Thanks accendo, will take a look at the link.

Yours sounds very painful, glad you've mostly got it sorted! I went to the dr as my hip would periodically feel like it was half popping out of the joint, and I wouldn't be able to put any weight on that leg for a few days, so was surprised to be told my hip was fine on the xray.

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