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Catheter for acute urine retention

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Piehunter Sun 27-Nov-16 10:49:18

On Wednesday I went to a A and E having been unable to pee for 14 hours, eventually catheterised at about 10.30am (approx 800ml void?) stayed for a couple of hours while they decided what to do and then they discharged me home with catheter for 7 days (this is the second time I've been in UR, last time was 12 hours, 900ml void, in/out catheter solved it and I was able to go by myself a few hours later).

No referral, gp to refer in a week when I go to get catheter removed. Completely unexplained retention as no infection. I do have weird, lots of undiagnosed health stuff with v limited mobility (Wheelchair outside house) and many strange symptoms, as well as diagnosis of antiphospholipod syndrome. Have had spine mri recently to rule out cauda equina, have had 2 brain mri's in past 10 years and awaiting a new one as my haematologist feels "something is not right" with my leg symptoms and bladder together.

I am regularly unable to pee when I want to, having to go back and try again later and recently I seem to be missing the feeling of needing to go, I get lower abdo pain from fullness rather than the urge to pee.

Friday night I had a bladder spasm severe enough that my catheter was causing pain and I was bypassing it. Went to OOH who decided to remove it as no reason for retention and worth a try... This was at 10pm Friday night, told to ring ooh again if unable to pass urine myself. 6am I wake up, no real need to pee but having drunk near enough a litre overnight I know I need to... Phone OOH to be messed about, eventually re catheterised at 10am, with a 1.2L void.

I'm losing hope that anything will have changed by Wednesday and that I'll end up re-catheterised, as after 3 days with cath I was unable to pee again, or is there something magic that happens after a week of catheterisation that means I will be able to pee by myself again?!

Any help/experiences welcomed, it's the unknown that is so unpleasant.

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