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Bleeding inbetween periods

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My periods have always been 30day cycles. I had a massive cyst removed this year along with a fallopian tube and one of my ovaries and after a couple of months they settled down again, maybe coming a bit earlier each month but nothing major.

However, this month I had a period as usual, then a few days after it had stopped I noticed blood on the loo roll but only after having a wee, that lasted a few days then it stopped. And today, I am bleeding again, not a full period but more than just a bit of blood after wee. I'm 45 - do you think this could be the start of the menopause or is it normal as we get older?

Anyone had something similar?

AttilaTheMeerkat Thu 24-Nov-16 14:17:32

I would seek medical advice from the GP given your previous gynae operation as well. Any changes to the menstrual cycle should always be reported.

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