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Looking to talk to a mum who's survived a heart attack

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user1479987039 Thu 24-Nov-16 11:37:10

Have you or someone you know suffered a heart attack?
I work at The Children's Food Trust, a national charity working to get more children eating healthier food.
I'm working on a special campaign to encourage parents, families and children to cook more healthy food together at home for better health.
As part of the campaign, I'd really like to speak to women who are mums of younger children (0-16) and have survived a heart attack. I really want to talk to mums who believe their diet contributed to their condition and are now changing the food they eat, and their family eats.
This isn't a judgemental piece and will be very much along the lines of "if I knew then what I know now".
I'm hoping to get one or two case studies to put on our website. We would like to use names and photographs as this makes the story so much more powerful to people reading it.
I really hope to hear back from some of you. Thank you for reading this.

My email is
Thanks everyone smile

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