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Could I be anemic?

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Rainydayzandmondays13 Tue 22-Nov-16 13:13:37

Have been wondering if I am for a couple of weeks and wanted to know if this sounds like it.

I had a really bad heavy period for 3 out of the 6 days, and since then I have felt really tired and not wanting to get out of bed, even though I have a good night's sleep

I find myself moody especially with my one year old when he cries in the morning (never been like that before)

I have no energy and just want to lay on the couch and do nothing. I haven't been as active with my DS as I usually am.

I was really weepy yesterday crying about things that would never happen, probably from exhaustion.

I both feel and sound like an awful mum at the moment.I will make an appointment with the gp tomorrow, but I was wondering if this does sound like anemia? I don't really want to bother them if it's nothing

Thanks xxx

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