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Copper Coil and Cervical Scarring

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waterjungle Tue 22-Nov-16 12:07:46

I have just come back from Drs where I was supposed to get a copper coil put in. I had my first baby 5 months ago by ELC as he was breach. I really want to avoid hormones hence going for the copper coil.
In my early 20's I have LLETZ and a cone biopsy. I also have a cervical stitch put in at 17 weeks of pregnancy.
The G.P was unable to fit the coil. Firstly it hurt like hell - I was expecting it to be unpleasant but not the type of pain where I thought I would either faint or puke. She said I had a lot of cervical scarring and she couldn't even get the internal anesthetic in. Bearing this in mind she said she really didn't think she would be able to dilate the cervix enough to get the coil in.
Has anyone had a coil fitted under GA or sedation? I know people have had it done at the same time as other things but would the NHS do it just for the coil or would i have to go privately?
I really don't want any more hormonal birth control and don't want to use condoms. Are these my only options?

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