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Granular anulare

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MrsWOLF1 Mon 21-Nov-16 18:59:47

Hi ,I have been diagnosed with ga ,not just the ring rash but purple large blotches that are spreading.Starting puva therapy in December and just wondering if anyone else has ga or knows someone who has .

FANTINE1 Wed 23-Nov-16 23:40:03

Hi there,
My daughter has suffered with this for over 10 years. she is now 21, and the it still flares up on a regular basis. It began with a small spot on her foot, which developed in to a large purple blotch. It stayed there for over 3 years, before eventually fading away.
She has been referred to a dermatologist, but was discharged when she was about 14. We were just told that it was a condition with no real cure. It was harmless, but nobody seems to know what causes it. She has the rings on her arms, legs and trunk. She has been recently talking about going back to a Dermatologist.
I have not heard of puva therapy, so would like to hear more about it?
It really is a strange condition. Nobody seems to know what causes it. I wonder whether it is linked to stress. Also my D is asthmatic, and suffers from a few allergies,. Would be interested to hear your experiences, since I don't think I've actually heard of anybody else who has the condition.

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