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Periods. Sigh.

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MummyWolf79 Mon 21-Nov-16 15:59:04

My periods have always been quite normal; regular and average flow, except I've only ever been able to use tampons on the later days when flow is severely reduced as they always leak even when they're not 'full', despite trying various brands and sizes.
DC is nearly 3 and since my periods returned after giving birth they are heavier and seem to contain lots of 'clots' - sometimes quite big ones. I now have to wear tampons, AND night time pads to reduce the risk of leakages on my clothes, and have to wear the pads back to front, quite high at the front because the flow seems to run to the front of my body. I suffer with terrible period pain on the odd occasion, at least a couple times each time I menstruate which feels like I'm having a massive poo (apologies!!) and causes me to double over in pain.
I had quite a severe tear when giving birth and had to be taken to threatre for stitches. Just wondered if anyone has had anything similar?

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