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Ovarian cyst ..pelvic pressure anyone?

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StillMedusa Sat 19-Nov-16 17:06:33

Over the last few weeks I developed low back pain and it feels like I have a billiard ball sat just over my bladder on the right hand side.. it is uncomfortable to stand or sit for any time and sort of aches/burns inside. It reminds me of how my prolapse felt pre hysterectomy. I went to the GP and she thinks it is likely a cyst and is sending me for a scan ..given me naproxen to take for the pain in the meantime.
I presume I need a scan as I am menopause age to rule out anything sinister.
Has anyone had a cyst that felt like pressure deep inside? I'm hoping it will burst and go away!

Itisnoteasybeingdifferent Sat 19-Nov-16 19:42:41

I think you need to ask MNHQ to move this to the general, or reproductive health forum instead of mental health.

StillMedusa Sat 19-Nov-16 21:22:16

Oops thanks! I'm a bit doped on pain meds and didn't notice it was the wrong section!

Justwondering1 Sat 19-Nov-16 21:23:57

I've had multiple ovarian cysts and each time it felt like a sharp stabbing pain in one specific point. Not sure if this helps. Hope all goes well

troubleatmill2011 Sun 20-Nov-16 16:24:28

I have a 4cm Ovarian Cyst and i get a pressure / heaviness feeling.

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