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Can anyone talk to me about IBS and Endometriosis - a little TMI [blush]

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MollyHopps Fri 18-Nov-16 21:46:43

I started having a real issue with my bowels a while ago and, as you do, buried my head in the sand.

I have frequent bouts of what I can only describe as constipated diarrhoea which has been going on for a while. This coincided with a sudden feeling of pain in the lower left area of my bowel before the rectum (sort of down into my hip) and whenever I feel it I can feel the poo sitting there and have to massage it through to relieve the pain. I then pass a hard stool followed by soft, then liquid diarrhoea. This happens anywhere from once a month to every two weeks and just goes in cycles.

I when looking into it I have identified that the cause could be IBS or IBD, or that it could be endometriosis, which I say because I am guaranteed to get a bout of this around my period, get so bloated I look pregnant and have severe cramping.

Can anyone share their symptoms of IBS or endometriosis, or describe what I s like I have both?

Spam88 Fri 18-Nov-16 21:50:25

Honestly you're best just going to your GP, they can do a blood test to check for IBD and other things.

MollyHuaCha Fri 18-Nov-16 23:13:20

It's always embarrassing talking to a doctor about bottoms and gynae bits... unless... you are a doctor! Remember that and get yourself down to the GP surgery. Doctors discuss this kind of problem every day. No one on MN can diagnose yr condition. All you will get is a load of anecdotes and then you'll be more confused than before. Seriously, you just need to see yr GP. Good luck smile

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