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Lukeandlorelai4Ever Wed 16-Nov-16 17:52:30

Any advice ladies?
Have always suffered with bad period pains but the last year they have gotten worse. Had an ultrasound which showed a cyst on ovary.
Just back from consultant and he recommends having a laproscopy to see if I have endometriosis.
I have a nearly four year old dd and we plan to have another baby in the next year or so.
He basically said its my decision but would be worth doing to find out is endo causing all the pain every month.
Has anybody had this procedure done? Was it worth it? Any advice, I don't know what to do confused

WiMoChi Wed 16-Nov-16 19:11:50

I had jt done about 10 years ago. Maybe longer. Straight forward procedure. In and out same day.

Found endo in me. Went on a pill for years. Helped.

AttilaTheMeerkat Wed 16-Nov-16 19:37:37

I would consider having this surgery done; its the usual way that endometriosis is found. Its often a cause of long standing bad period pain and if it is there anyway it will not go of its own accord.

This is a good and informative website:-

MountainDweller Thu 17-Nov-16 00:55:05

I think it's worth having done as then you'll know what you're dealing with. But the best way to treat endo is to remove it (with excision, not laser) during the lap. Ask if you can see an endo specialist, they will be much better at finding all the endo and getting rid of it than a general gynae.

Lukeandlorelai4Ever Sat 19-Nov-16 08:24:55

Thanks so much, good to hear it's worth doing.
Will look up that link today.
How long is recovery? Consultant said 1-3 weeks and will have to take a week minimum off work.
Work will not be pleased and I have a pre schooler to run around after so recovery time is my main concern at the moment!

Andbabymakesthree Sat 19-Nov-16 08:36:53

Hi I had this done 23rd Dec. Recovery was over Christmas and it was sore but ok. By new year I was able to drive children to school but still needed to take it steady. My recovery possibly harder due to my weight.

No endo found. A very short course of metformin (2/3wks as didn't agree with me) and a few months later pregnant! I'd tried for 18mths before that!

I had mine done to rule out endo as a cause for pain, excesive bleeding and infertility. This Xmas I'll be days away from due date.

Willow15503 Fri 09-Dec-16 22:33:10

It will be the best thing you can do especially if you have endometriosis, as it will hopefully minimise your pain. I have endometriosis and the only thing that relieves the pain is surgery. It'll take a couple of weeks to be back to a reasonable amount normality.

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