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Recovering from jaw surgery

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TobleroneBoo Mon 14-Nov-16 08:21:43

Any recommendations on what I can pick up for a health conscious person who has had jaw surgery and will be on a mush / liquid diet?

Is baby food a step too far? Will be seeing them from work today so unable to cook / blend before then


DameDiazepamTheDramaQueen Mon 14-Nov-16 08:23:42


TobleroneBoo Mon 14-Nov-16 08:29:59

Thanks Dame I will look into that

DameDiazepamTheDramaQueen Mon 14-Nov-16 08:34:47

Nice yogurts?

Groovee Mon 14-Nov-16 08:36:32

Do they have a blender. The supermarkets do some smoothie mixes.

TobleroneBoo Mon 14-Nov-16 09:09:31

They have a nutri bullet, so thats a good idea.

Yoghurts also great suggestion and I imagine quite soothing

sadie9 Mon 14-Nov-16 09:32:12

There are drinks called Ensure available in the Chemist and on prescription. For people who can't tolerate a solid diet. A complete meal in a bottle, like a small milkshake, comes in different flavours. Hope the person feels better soon.
Too many fruit n veg smoothies may have them rushing to the loo.
And yes, baby food is a step too far!

TobleroneBoo Mon 14-Nov-16 10:13:10

Thanks Sadie, will look into those.

And thank you for your well wishes - I am so angry, some tosser suckerpunched my brother and broke his jaw in two places. Hes a big boy but I am very worried sad

gingeroots Mon 14-Nov-16 12:03:45

Oh Toblerone Complan and Ensure aren't nice at all .Especially the latter ,it is a balanced meal and all that but has loads of sugar .

I've copied this which may have some ideas

¿ Milk puddings ¿ Shepherd’s pie
¿ Soufflés ¿Pasta dishes (liquidise, if necessary, after cooking)
¿ Porridge ¿Braised meat
¿ Pancakes ¿ Lentils
¿ Egg custard ¿ Grated cheese
¿ Mousses ¿ Cottage cheese
¿ Full fat yoghurt ¿ Cream cheese
¿ Milk jelly ¿ Dahl
¿ Creme caramel ¿ Taramasalata
¿ Fromage frais ¿ Moussaka
¿ Milk shakes ¿Peanut butter
¿ Omelettes ¿Avocado
¿ Scrambled eggs ¿ Hummus
¿ Ice cream
¿ Fruit mashed or blended - stewed apple, banana, strawberries, melon, ripe pears etc
¿ Cartons of fresh stock can be bought in supermarkets - more nutritious than stock cubes.
¿ Angel Delight made with fortified milk and served with fruit, eg butterscotch flavour with
stewed apple or chocolate with mashed banana.
¿ Use milk, cream, fruit juice, sauces, stock or gravy as appropriate to soften the
consistency of foods.
¿ Many soup recipes are suitable as long as a processor/blender is used.
¿ There are many varieties of prepared sauces, in tins, jars or packets. Soups, especially if
condensed, also make good sauces.
¿ Poached or flaked fish in sauce.
¿ Grilled bacon or ham, processed, in scrambled eggs or omelettes.
¿ Instant mashed potato, enriched with butter or cheese, for when the family is having
chips or roast potatoes.
¿ Fish pates - salmon, tuna, smoked mackerel, made softer with milk, cream, mayonnaise
or stock.
¿ Herbs to add flavour - eg thyme, basil, oregano, parsley, mint, chives.
¿ Cranberry sauce, red currant jelly and chutney to add piquancy to meat dishes
¿ Pasta is very good - liquidise, if necessary, after cooking

gingeroots Mon 14-Nov-16 12:12:44

I had a really delicious meal out yesterday ,it was stewed aubergine ( I think a bit of garlic and tomato) and had 2 poached eggs on top .Think the eggs were just added to the hot aubergine mixture and cooked on top of it for a couple of minutes .
It was much nicer than it sounds .
I can't find a simple receipe though!

Marks and Spencer's tinned chicken noodle soup is very good indeed .

Thinkingblonde Mon 14-Nov-16 12:21:01

I have had extensive surgery to my lower jaw, with cap splints fitted over my own teeth with wires threaded through to keep my jaw immobile. I couldn't move my jaw at all, a tooth was removed from one side to allow a gap big enough to fit a straw in. My mum bought a baby food blender and blended everything in sight. Everything had to be quite runny to get through the straw. Sausage and egg with tinned tomatoes was one I remember, it was actually really nice. Soups, custards, complan, yoghurts, high protein shakes. He won't be able to chew so everything has to be soft and easy to swallow. Be prepared for weight loss, my jaws were wired for 12 weeks . I went down to under six stones.

gingeroots Mon 14-Nov-16 12:40:11

Shepherds Pie
Fish Pie
Cauliflower cheese

Murphysgirl Mon 14-Nov-16 12:41:03

I spent a few weeks on Ensure and really like them, especially if they're chilled.

Thebookswereherfriends Mon 14-Nov-16 12:44:37

Sorry to hear that.

Ensure is yuck, but I did have a lemon and lime one which was tolerable. I was given this powder stuff which added calories to everything to ensure I didn't lose too much weight, maybe ask about that?
I was wired up for six weeks and pretty much lived off soup, yogurt, angel delight and orange juice. Most things could be blended, but don't taste great once in a mush - exceptions, I found, were shepherds pie and casseroles.

TobleroneBoo Mon 14-Nov-16 13:12:16

Oh you are such a helpful bunch! Thank you all so much! I just nipped to sainsburys and got him some yoghurts and some of those weetabix drinks but that was all they had to offer. Will try and grab smoothies, soups for him. He has my mum looking after him so will be waited on hand and foot but just wanted to take something for him!

I could try making him a shepherds pie for next time I see him too

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