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Hand foot and mouth disease (adult) question

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notmrstrump Mon 14-Nov-16 08:15:19

GP said 3 weeks ago I had H, F and M disease. Main problem is the mouth ulcers. Have new ones again today and am at my wits end. I bought a product last weekend called Bonjela Complete Plus which is salicylic acid basically that you paint onto the ulcer with a little wand. It numbs them for a while. Struck me last night that I might be re-infecting myself with the virus by using the wand - it goes back in the bottle after every use (like nail varnish). Does this sound plausible? It says in the small print 'do not use on tiny herpes like ulcers'. I'm going to stop using it today and see what happens. Anyone else have H,F and M for this long? I feel so low.

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