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Gynae question re possible endometriosis,

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Kjs81 Sun 13-Nov-16 20:36:42

Hi all,

i finally had a gynae appointment this week for worsening symptoms I've been having since having my little boy 3 years ago (severe on/off pelvic pain, symptoms of hormonal imbalance, heavy periods with clots, gastrointestinal issues...). After pelvic exam and transvaginal scan were clear of cysts etc, discussed possibility of endometritis. Even though I've had a few night sweats over recent months, she didn't think I was peri menopausal as my cycles are still very regular.
So the short term solution seems to be birth control pills. I had unexplained infertility for years (and was on contraceptive pill for 10 years prior due to painful periods) so endometriosis does fit the bill in some ways.

My question is should I push for a laparoscopy to get a proper diagnosis? We conceived via IVF and are thinking of treatment again next year but if it was endometriosis and could be removed then fertility treatment mightn't be needed? Just so confused about what to do next - - any help appreciated!

Willow15503 Fri 09-Dec-16 22:36:54

Scans didn't show anything other than a cyst for me and I experienced years of painful periods and other symptoms. The only way to be diagnosed is through surgery, so do push for it as it could get rid of your pain and allow you to conceive.

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