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cancer causing cosmetics

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wiziliz Sun 13-Nov-16 06:57:50

Hello everyone
I hope i am posting under the correct topic. I received an email from my friend 'cancer causing ingredients in cosmetics, lotion, deodrant, shampoo, lipstick etc etc.This list of ingredients was issued by the BCUK.( Breast cancer UK) I checked my dove shampoo and it had one of the cancer causing ingredient, my lotion St Ives,it had one of the ingredients mentioned, my foundation, my handwash etc, they all had atleast one ingredient mentioned as harmful. Now i am completely disturbed by this and i dont know what to use. PLEASE ladies guide me on this.
Thank you

Shurelyshomemistake Sun 13-Nov-16 12:41:30

Check out some other sources - Cancer Research UK says there is in fact no good evidence that cosmetics cause cancer [ see here]

ifcatscouldtalk Sun 13-Nov-16 12:49:48

I have decided that everything causes cancer or so we are told. Apart from being a non smoker and not being a particularly heavy drinker I put it all out of my mind.

BusterGonad Tue 15-Nov-16 16:38:20

Unless it's in the Daily Mail I don't believe it!

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