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Glands up

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Summerisntcoming Sat 12-Nov-16 20:02:08

I have glands (I think) up under my jaw which I sort of have to dig my fingers under my jaw and can pull them out slightly and also one or two running downwards on my neck. (I noticed them first flared up when I had an infected wisdom tooth which is still impacted and flares up occasionally) I remember mentioning to my GP 2/3 years ago when I visited for something unrelated who said give it a few weeks if they don't go, then come back. But forgot all about them!
Could it be they have always been there but never noticed until my tooth became infected which made them worse. Is it possible to have slightly more raised glands in some people? They side they are on, is the side of the bad tooth and only one very tiny one the opposite site but I really had to prod and poke to find it.
I have massive health anxiety but am trying to convince my self if it was anything sinister, after 2/3 years they would have caused me problems, been painful, made me ill, got larger or spread etc. Any one experienced similar?

Bubbinsmakesthree Sat 12-Nov-16 20:20:37

I just clicked on this thread because asking whether my 'glands were up' and feeling my neck was her default way of determining if I was ill when I was a child. I still say it which makes my DH confused as he never heard this phrase!

So yes I have glands in my neck which flare up when I'm ill. Doesn't everyone? They're always there and are more noticable/swollen when poorly, particularly for a throat infection, tooth ache etc. Sometimes it's only one side (e.g. if I've had an ear infection).

What you're saying sounds totally normal.

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