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MUMMYDUDE Sat 12-Nov-16 07:28:47

Hi All,

I am looking for some reassuring words, ideally from people with past experience.

My 11 year old is a nail biter and has been for years, she has also suffered with verruccas on her feet, some have gone away by themselves, one persistant one we had to battle with. I noticed a little lump near her finger nail a few months ago and bearing in mind I have developed a wart on one of my hands, asked the doctor if this could be a wart too. She said she didn't think it was and recommended that I used Bazooka on my wart. So far my wart hasn't gone away and hasn't really altered that much but the 'thing' on my dd's fingers is now bigger. I went on to Google last night, as you do, and read all types of horrors. Mainly about people who have had children with warts on hands which has then spread to their face with nail biting etc. I will point out at this stage that I am a worrier and get easily upset about things like this. My dd is beautiful and I am so worried in case this spreads. I am going back to the doctor this week but in the meantime have read that common duct tape or clear nail varnish can clear up warts. My plan of action today is to get some Mavala Stop (a solution to put on nail that smells and tastes foul) to try to stop the nail biting and start attacking, what looks like a wart, from pictures I have seen on the internet. As for me, I feel physically sick at the thought of all this; I can't eat, have a churning stomach and feel super stressed. I am so concerned about this spreading and my dd being teased about it. The health type websites make it all sound 'not so bad' as though it is common for children to get warts and say that they can go away by themselves but the horror stories on various forums of other people suffering and having children that are being teased and battling to stop the spread has kept me awake most of the night.

Has any one else had problems like this and conquered it? If so, any advice and tips are very welcome. I am feeling like a very bad mum at the moment for various reasons.

Footle Sat 12-Nov-16 09:41:12

You do sound very confused. You're making connections between random things. The problem may be your anxiety in itself. Your child may also be anxious, and is showing it by nailbiting. Don't try and stop her doing that if she's not ready - she'll develop another habit such as pulling hair out or something.

She hasn't given herself veruccas or warts by nail biting. Facial warts are rare. Go back to the doctor to discuss your anxiety and get some help with that.

MUMMYDUDE Mon 14-Nov-16 09:02:27

Hi, thanks for replying. You're right, I am anxious but this feeling only started when I discovered the wart on my daughter's finger. I was perfectly fine at the beginning of last week and not worried about anything, eating normally etc. If you Google Periungual warts, you will see that it can be as a result of nail biting and damage to the cuticles around the nail. I have researched this quite a bit. The HPV virus which is the main culprit of warts, likes to get into the body via cuts/sore areas. My main question was whether anyone had managed to get rid of warts or verruccas with any success with home remedies, like Apple Cider Vinegar etc. I do think I need help with this anxiety though ... I do feel dreadful at the moment.

Parkourbench Thu 17-Nov-16 01:46:22


My DD recently had this and she is a finger nibbler (the skin around her nails).

She started with one and ended up with six of her fingers affected.
We tried a three times treating with a pharmacy bought freeze solution, it was quite painful for her and didn't help. After quite a while of waiting to see if they would clear themselves we went to see a nurse at our GP's.

They are mega strict that they have to have been treated at home first and have to have been there for quite a while (6 months to a year I think )

We were given Cuplex (also used for verrucas) and it worked really quickly. Over about two weeks most had disappeared and after a month her fingers have healed nicely and it's been a bit of a wake up for her to try stop chewing around her nails.

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