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Urine infection

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Deb85 Thu 10-Nov-16 05:03:28

Can anyone help - I keep getting urine infections. I have spent the past three hours on the loo as every time I try and lie down am in too much discomfort and feel the urge to wee. It's not too painful when I wee but the pressure is so uncomfortable and I feel like a leaking tap. Anything I can do to relieve symptoms before I go to dr. I've had a hot bath and drinking lots of water. Don't have any cranberry juice here.

I've got a UTI too at the moment, sympathies. Have you taken pain killers? Then to GP asap, recurrent infections need to be looked at. I'm on a 3 day course of ant-bs which I gather is standard.

ThisIsNotARealAvo Thu 10-Nov-16 05:44:43

I had a horrible year of utis a few years ago and had lots of antibiotics. The only other thing that works is a product called Waterfall D Mannose which you drink dissolved in water. It apparently works by attracting the bacteria to the sugar in it. I was sceptical but after about my tenth infection I tried it and it's very useful to have some in the house if you are prone to utis. You can get it online and in a few shops.

ThisIsNotARealAvo Thu 10-Nov-16 05:46:46

I'd get antibiotics too but it's a useful thing to have if you have to wait until the next day for an appt or something. And get antibiotics before you go on holiday, I still do that as I had a holiday ruined by a uti!

Deb85 Thu 10-Nov-16 07:29:51

Thanks so much all

BeBopTalulah Thu 10-Nov-16 07:40:26

Cystitis sachets might help, they are foul tasting and a strong alkali. They won't cure you but they certainly take the nip out of toilet time. Have you discussed prevention with GP? Being chronically dehydrated and unable to go to the loo when you please (i.e a high pressure or stressful job) will contribute to regular UTIs. Sex also has a lot to answer for here. Emptying your bladder before and after is effective, although not the most romantic routine grin

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