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Perforated eardrum-help

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Ibloodyhatewinter Tue 08-Nov-16 20:52:01

Ive been having the cold that's doing the rounds now- which has resulted in a perforated eardrum. GP said couldn't see clearly where the hole is due to blood clot but thinks middle part of the eardrum. Now this GP is a lady who tells you ALL eventualities of an illness (think going with a persistent headache and she giving you a speech varying from eye test to tumour). She told me that if it was on the edge it'll heal but mid ear will not and surgery is a possibility. I have health anxiety and I started crying yesterday (after the GP appointment) and haven't stopped since. I'm really really scared. I've gone through all eventualities in my head-life long tinnitus (she told this was also a possibility) to deafness to infection to sepsis to death during the operation. I'm on antibiotics and have been referred to an Acite ENT unit next week. Has anyone gone through this?

SnowInLove Tue 08-Nov-16 21:56:01

Two of my children had perforated ear drums (within a week of each other...that was fun hmm). Dd1 was very poorly with it and it looked horrendous, leaking all sorts of gunk. It healed well though.

Dd2 wasn't as bad but the tear in her ear drum was large. We were seen at hospital for a follow up and after a couple of months, it had all healed perfectly.

Neither have suffered any ill effects afterwards.

Please try not to worry. I'm sure that the scenarios your gp described are the very very worst case. Does she know that you suffer from anxiety? Hardly very helpful!

Ibloodyhatewinter Tue 08-Nov-16 22:00:02

SnowInLove thank you for responding. Yes she does know, and the
More she talked the more anxious I was getting which she couldn't have missed seeing-but she just carried on

AmberEars Tue 08-Nov-16 22:02:30

I had surgery when I was 11 to fix a perforated ear drum which did not heal on its own. The operation was straightforward and successful.

Hope you're ok, OP.

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