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What have I done to my back?

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knackeredpelvicfloor Tue 08-Nov-16 08:17:54

I hurt my back three weeks ago lifting a bag of soil (stupid cow). It didn't feel like disc pain (but then how would I know) and I felt it was muscular or nerve pain and googled myself a diagnosis of sciatica.

Three weeks on, the back pain is a bit better but my pelvic bones ache and I have some pain in my leg and putting my socks on is challenging and I am sleeping badly because I get sore sleeping on my side.

Walking is brilliant and I walked 50 miles on holiday last week and really felt the benefit of it. Doing Pilates really helps but I can't do all the exercises at the moment. Sitting at the computer is not good, driving is not good and back from holiday I am doing more of these things and it all hurts more again.

I am terrible at going to the doctor - not for any logical reasons but just because I am never sure I am 'ill' enough to merit an appointment. Does this sound like time for a doctor's visit or should I be patient still. I mean it can't be that bad if I can walk 50 miles can it?

Any thoughts on what I have done to myself?

Seeline Tue 08-Nov-16 08:20:25

GPs aren't brilliant with backs. Have you got an osteopath local? A couple of sessions there would probably help, and they would be able to work out what the problem was.

carries Tue 08-Nov-16 08:26:18

Sounds like a disc problem to me, I'm a musculoskeletal physio 😊. See a physio or an osteopath privately - you'll wait forever on NHS.

knackeredpelvicfloor Tue 08-Nov-16 08:40:49

Thank you for your replies!

carries you have scared me saying it sounds like a disc problem!

I do have a recommended osteo/physio locally but I have to go through my GP (am abroad) and my health insurance may pay it. I am going to be very brave now and make an appointment and risk the wrath of the GP shrieking 'why are you wasting my time' even thought I know she won't do that.

Motheroffourdragons Tue 08-Nov-16 08:47:30

Knackered - I have had very similar recently. I bent awkwardly to reach under a chair on the floor and bingo!
3 weeks on, my back is much better, but now my hip is hurting and I have pains down my leg.
I had 2 sessions with an osteopath which really helped the back and am considering going back again to see if there's something he can do about these new pains, which feel more like sciatica.

I'm also abroad, but find the GP here very helpful. It costs a bit for the appointment but he never makes you feel like you're wasting his time. Also the osteopath would have taken me without a referral also, although maybe to claim back from your health insurance you may need a referral from the GP.

knackeredpelvicfloor Tue 08-Nov-16 09:06:35

Mother sorry to hear you're having a similar thing - you have my sympathy. I hope the osteopath will be able to work some magic on me because right now I feel it is getting worse again.

blueistheonlycolourwefeel Tue 08-Nov-16 09:19:55

What area of the country are you? I see an AWESOME chiropractor in the midlands, but beware! There are lots chiropractors who will use you as a pension fund and get you to sign up to weeks and weeks of treatment. Mine sees you when she needs to. She's charged me for one appointment so far but I've been in every day for over a week to have laser treatment to help the inflammation. She will charge me for another appointment when she manipulates my back again tomorrow.

knackeredpelvicfloor Tue 08-Nov-16 09:26:50

Thanks blue but I am abroad so midlands is a bit hard a commute (though I could stock up on salt and vinegar crisps while I'm there....)

carries Tue 08-Nov-16 17:17:35

Aw knackered - I'm sorry! But I see disc probs a lot and the majority improve with 3-4 treatments. If you go to an advance physio (where are you) or osteopath you'll be painfree!

knackeredpelvicfloor Tue 08-Nov-16 19:58:06

carries good that sounds quite positive. What is an advance physio? I am in Germany and have got a recommendation for a someone who is a physio and osteo who really sorted out her disc problems! So I am off to get myself referred by GP (I hope) on Monday.

Motheroffourdragons Tue 08-Nov-16 23:03:18

knackered I hope you get fixed soon. It is awful, isn't it ?

carries, if you don't mind me asking, what is the difference in pain between a disc problem and a nerve/muscle issue ?

Wolfiefan Tue 08-Nov-16 23:06:35

My muscles ache or pull
Nerves burn or tingle.
Discs. Sustained pain
Just me though.
Sciatica is notorious for pains down the leg. Shooting pains. Don't think I could have walked for miles with that.
Sounds like a sudden onset so maybe muscle strain. NO MEDICAL TRAINING!
Try walking and stretching and anything to strengthen core. Physio is good.
Avoid sitting still where possible.

Stepmum123 Tue 08-Nov-16 23:20:50

If you managed to walk 50 miles no problem when does the pain come on? When you're still for a while?

As a physio we don't really like to diagnose specifically as we aren't MRI machines but try to help treat pain, if it gets sore when you're sitting or standing still for a while but is more comfortable when you're walking or moving try to work out how long it takes for the pain to come on and move your hips about before the pain comes on or when it comes on as a way to ease it.

For example in sitting you can think of trying to lift one bum cheek off the chair followed by the other about 15-20 times and see if that helps ease the pain short-term term until you can get properly checked out.

Not saying this will definitely work for you but might be worth a try and is gentle so won't do you any damage

ThisUsernameIsAvailable Tue 08-Nov-16 23:23:15

Are you having any numbness, stabby electric pain, bladder/bowel problems,pins and needles?

knackeredpelvicfloor Wed 09-Nov-16 08:07:27

Based on Wolfiefan's description of muscle /nerve vs. disc pain, I would say it is the former.

When walking, I was walking uphill a bit slower than usual and I could feel my back and when I got to the top, I had to lie on the road and do some back exercises I had found on the web which really relieve the pain immediately. It really feels like I am stretching things back out doing them.

Then we sat in a mountain hut for an hour and I felt very uncomfortable and sore quite quickly. Walking downhill I was much slower than usual. But as the week went on, I really felt the walking was helping and by the last day I was feeling quite human again and was able to get off the sofa /out of bed easier.

I don't really have shooting pains, numbness or pins and needles. My pelvic pain is more of an persistent ache. My bum muscles frequently feel all clenched and tense at the top of my bum cheeks. Sitting at the computer makes the pain come on quite quickly so I need to get myself one of those stool things that keeps your posture right I think and possibly get off mumsnet!.

Thanks for the bum cheek exercise tip stepmum - I am doing that as I type and it does help.

Motheroffourdragons - you might like these exercises: the first one is lying on my back and pulling my knees up to my chest and just hugging my arms round my knees and lying like that.

The second is to lie on my back, stretch my arms out to each side and pull my knees to my chest and then lower both knees to one side with the head going to the other side. Then swap sides.

The third exercise involves lying on my back and raising one leg and wrapping the scarf over the foot and holding one end in each hand. Then extend the leg to a stretch and it feels like you are stretching the muscles in the back of your legs.

Sorry for crap non-technical description of these exercises - I found them on the web so you would probably be better to google some back exercises and I hope they help!

yohoohoo Wed 09-Nov-16 09:22:29

Blue who and where is your Midlands based person Im Notts so am interested

Motheroffourdragons Wed 09-Nov-16 09:34:19

Oh thanks, Knackered, I am going to try these, they sound very helpful.

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