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Post op constipation (pelvic floor repair) Sorry if TMI!

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buzzbobboo Mon 07-Nov-16 15:23:03

I had pelvic floor repair on Saturday and was discharged yesterday. I have a catheter as I wasn't fully emptying my bladder which I should get out tomorrow. So I absolutely cannot strain to pass a poo.

I've had a heavy feeling since Sat eve when I'd normally do another and occasionally get slight stabs of pain as something moves in there. I had a suppository in hospital yesterday and had a poo but not all if it and I am currently in a spot of discomfort trying to pass another - it's there but I know it will only come with a lot of straining which I can't do so I have to stop and get up. I doubt that is helping. I'm on lactulose twice a day but that's not helping shift this so far.

I normally go twice a day and I've only been once since Saturday so feeling quite bunged up.

DH is bringing me glycerin suppositories when he gets home in a few hours. Is this the best thing for now?

I have fybogel that I could add in but worried about adding more in up top before I get this moving. Worried it's been sat there waiting for so long that it's drying out!!

Any tips?

kitty1013 Mon 07-Nov-16 19:07:09

Hi there
I had a posterior repair and tvt on Monday. I came home on Wednesday but still hasn't pooed by Friday despite taking two movicol sachets a day.
I used the glycerin suppository and it got a bit out. Quite quickly with no ill effects.
Then I took two senokot tablets and the next morning pooed properly!! Maybe a bit too loose at this point but I was very relieved smile
I hope this isn't too graphic. Good luck!
I am feeling stuck again so may be back on the glycerin suppositories again myself this evening....I think it's the general anaesthetic causing this- I don't normally have problems.

buzzbobboo Mon 07-Nov-16 20:00:34

Thanks! I'm just about to give the suppositories a go. I'm really squirming now so it needs out!

Hope the rest of your recovery is going ok. No pain here which is a pleasant surprise, but I'm just shuffling around like I'm 95!

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