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Oophorectomy - ovulation pain and bleeding

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Sprocli Sun 06-Nov-16 20:20:40

Hi, does anyone else have experience of ovulation pain and bleeding during their cycle? It only happens on the right side but in the last few months the pain has got worse, as has the level of blood (which only happens once at this time). An op to cut the ovary out has been discussed but I'd be keen to hear feedback on recovery and whether the internal scar tissue (on top of an appendicitis scar and c-section scar) will cause other types of pain? My child bearing days are over but I don't want to bring on menopause!! Thanks

weebarra Sun 06-Nov-16 20:27:32

I had a bilateral oopherectomy after treatment for breast cancer as I have the BRCA gene so greater risk of ovarian cancer. It was keyhole but definitely sorer post op than I expected. I've had three c-sections.
Obviously I was plunged into menopause (fun!) but if I'd had a functioning ovary I'd have been fine. HRT would probably be an option for you too, wasn't for me because of the cancer.

TinyGoldfish Sun 06-Nov-16 20:28:27

Is it just one ovary being removed? I think the other will eventually shut down and you'll enter menopause but I don't know how many years that will take or if that only happens with a hysterectomy! Do you have another appointment to ask Qs?

Can I ask why they've suggested the op? I have ovulation pain on my right side and a recent scan showed my right ovary was much more active/dominant - it was bigger that the other with a much larger follicle.

Sprocli Sun 06-Nov-16 20:37:37

It's just the right ovary they'd remove, to stop ovulation on that side so I don't have the bleeding or the pain. It seems the egg cell/swelling/bursting either pushes against or stretches things causing the pain which I can feel as I walk, sit down, stand up etc. I can't take the pill.

Willow15503 Fri 09-Dec-16 22:41:53

I'm 35 and have had one ovary removed. I was told I could possibly go into early menopause but unlikely. I have no pain internally or from the scar, just slight numbness around the area.

Willow15503 Fri 09-Dec-16 22:42:55

I also have an appendectomy and c section scar.

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