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Stomach bug and 3 dc

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lastusername Sun 06-Nov-16 17:51:42

I'm struggling at the moment as I have the most awful stomach pains, dizziness and nausea but am on my own with my three dc who are 3 and 7 month twins. My dp is away till wed and I cannot get anyone in to help me. Any suggestions on relieving these symptoms would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

Mrsfrumble Sun 06-Nov-16 18:57:58

Oh good grief! That sounds horrific, you poor thing.

I find that Pepto Bismol works on nausea and an upset stomach for me, but that's general IBS rather than a stomach bug. I think you can only get it from the pharmacist in this country too. Flat, full sugar coke helps too.

I think you might need to ride it out. How mobile are the babies? Will the 3 year old watch TV? Can they be persuaded to "help" by fetching things for you and entertaining the babies? Do you have a friend or neighbour who could bring you some supplies? Crackers, Ella's Kitchen pouches, rehydration sachets and the like. Then make a "nest" near a TV tuned to Cbeebies or BabyTV, with everything you need close to hand and try and lie down as much as possible...

I hope it passes quickly flowers

lastusername Sun 06-Nov-16 19:34:44

Thank you for replying. My 3 year old has been great bless her heart she's entertained the babies when I could barely hold my head up. The twins had a moment earlier where they were both rolling to opposite sides of the room and I couldn't get to both that was tough! I really don't want to bother my neighbours on a Sunday evening. I have some crackers and will try and get some rehydration salts

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