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Insect bites?

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Squashberry Fri 04-Nov-16 20:15:37

We've just moved here and DS is getting bitten by something. One on his back has literally just happened, he felt it so I whipped off his top and inspected it. No sign of anything. Hot washed all his bedding and its hanging to dry. About to hot wash all his clothes and re-iron, sprayed everywhere with flea/dust mite spray (expensive stuff so should work) but cant see evidence of any thing. Except the bites themselves. Anyone know what it might be?

Also the bites look a little nasty (not showing well on my crappy camera) and since first lot of bites he's not felt too great (but this could be down to weather?). Do I ring 111 for advise?

Squashberry Fri 04-Nov-16 20:20:19

These have just come up on him. Hes been sat right infront of me and I cant see any sign of anything on or near him angry

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