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Panicking about swollen chronic tonsil - been referred for possible cancer. Need help with some perspective

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mustheshowgoon Fri 04-Nov-16 07:56:07

I have had a (usually) painless but swollen tonsil on one side for about 3 months. I've also been feeling generally unwell for a good while. I am 32 and usually in good health.

When seeing my doctor about my anxiety I asked her to look my my throat because of this. I even asked her with the pre curser "I'm a hypochondriac, it's probably nothing"

But she took one look and referred me to ENT writing 'cancer?' on the form.

I am in a complete panic and can't sleep or eat much nor think about anything else. Does anyone have an experience or tactics for not worrying while waiting for my appointment? What are they likely to do?

Will they biopsy it? I am worried that they will just ask me to come back in a few months and see if it has changed. Cancer or not I can't deal with the potential worry of that. If I tell them how worried I am are they more likely to do something?

I am meant to be going away for the weekend with lovely DP today and I am currently too worried to be able to pack.


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