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4 Months after Cesarean Lump in Stomach - V Scared!

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Discomonkfish Sun 11-Feb-07 22:47:50

Hello all, I'm wondering if any of you have had similiar symptoms to me. I had a cesarean 4 months ago with my ds. Last week I found a hard lump (about the size of a conker) on the right hand side of my tummy. Today I noticed a bruise in the same spot. This may be coincidence but I can't remember bumping into anything. I've got an ultrasound to get it checked out tomorrow morning but I'm really worried it might be something more serious. Has anyone had a similiar sympton following a cesarean birth?

aviatrixxx Sun 11-Feb-07 22:57:44

Message withdrawn

Discomonkfish Sun 11-Feb-07 23:01:58

thanks, fingers crossed it's nothing too bad...just want to know what it is now

Discomonkfish Sun 11-Feb-07 23:03:32

aviatrixx...btw horrible for you....glad it was something and nothing but still....ewww

Bubble99 Sun 11-Feb-07 23:05:15

CS 3 and a half months ago here and I've got lumps all along my scar and beyond.

Discomonkfish Sun 11-Feb-07 23:30:30

I thought it was my appendix but apparently my appendix isn't that high up I should have paid more attention in biology at school I think LOL

peegeeweegee Mon 12-Feb-07 08:47:54

It sounds like scar tissue. And it is now bruised because you keep fiddeling with it...

Don't worry, am sure it will be fine!

Bucketsofdynomite Mon 12-Feb-07 09:06:39

My outer scar was quite far away from my inner scar iyswim (think they gave me a tummy tuck LOL) so I had lumps that didn't obviously look like they were related to the CSec.
Was it an emergency CSec? My first one was and that was the lumpy one with a lopsided scar. My 2nd was elective and they did a beautiful job replacing it!

Discomonkfish Sat 24-Feb-07 21:43:10

Well, went for an ultrasound and the doctor has decided I've bumped myself....must have been without noticing and this has caused a bleed inside my tummy. All is ok and it's officially called a fat necrosis. Have to go back in 4 weeks just to make sure it's disappearing but hopefully all is ok. Thanks for all your comments. By the way...we've recently moved from Bradford and my god what a difference in Harrogate Hospital. Spotlessly clean and efficient...

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