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Weird period, UTI yuckiness!

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abouttoovershare Thu 03-Nov-16 15:46:36

Sorry for the gory details. I've name changed to spare any blushes! I started feeling cystitis-y on Sunday evening which is unusual for me as I am really careful with avoiding UTIs having had a lot as a youngster. I've taken the two days granules and cranberry tablets and drunk tons of water all week and it is much better although not entirely. My period was due on Monday and is normally very reliable at 25 days. On Tuesday I saw blood when I went to the loo but then nothing happened and I thought maybe it was in my urine. This continued but with more blood when urinating but with absolutely nothing otherwise although I worked out the urine was clear. I have had a few searches as I thought maybe I'd retained a tampon from last month or something but I can't find anything although there were traces of dark blood on my fingertips. Only this morning, 3 days late, did anything show up on my pad. It's really, really watery though. Not really blood at all. I've had another poke about blush and there are small, convincingly red clots up by my cervix. I've never had a period like this and am generally uncomfortable due to the lingering UTI and having poked myself about! I'm nearly 40, could this be a change of like type thing? DH has had a vasectomy so I ought to be in the clear on that front! Thank you if you've persisted this far.

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