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Crutches giving DS blisters

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cakedup Tue 01-Nov-16 15:36:33

DS is using crutches due to fractured ankle, he has another 2 weeks to go.
His hands are really sore from using the crutches and is starting to develop blisters!

Anyone have any remedies for this? Something I might have at home or that might be available in my local Tesco. I was thinking gloves but thought this might compromise the grip?

SpaceDinosaur Tue 01-Nov-16 15:37:54

Standard crutches problem!

SpaceDinosaur Tue 01-Nov-16 15:39:55

Sorry! Hit post too soon.

You need "grippy" gloves. Goalie gloves, weight lifting gloves that sort of thing. Fingerless weight lifting gloves are the best in my experience.

Also. Sometimes padding the handles helps. Fat sponges on the handles can help, affix tightly with micropore, still use the gloves.

nixnjj Tue 01-Nov-16 15:40:36

My lad has the same problem. I wrap bandages around the crutch handle to pad them out. Someone also suggested fluffy socks but son felt silly. Also if you can get it the stuff that pipes are lagged with is supposed to be good..

daisymunchero Tue 01-Nov-16 15:43:19

Hi op the only answer I found is to wrap the handles. Cotton wool layered on the top of the Handle electrical taped in place & then flexi bandage ( I only know it as vet wrap) wrapped around the whole handle gives non slip padding & happy hands !

cakedup Tue 01-Nov-16 15:50:49

I wish they'd warn you about this sort of thing so you can be prepared! Or make crutches with padding?

SpaceDinosaur I did look it up and cycling gloves were ideal but don't have anything like that, only knitted gloves.

But yes, I need to pad out the crutches. Fluffy socks are a good idea, I'll have a look and see what I have. I could always cover try and cover them to avoid embarrassment. Cotton wool also good if I can get the right tape.

SpaceDinosaur Tue 01-Nov-16 17:05:16

Danger with most padding is that it slips. When it's being used. Seriously.
I used sponges for a bit but the tightness you needed to wrap them to stop them slipping took most of the squidgy out.
Socks are ok for a bit but really not recommended as they can easily move whilst weight bearing.
The NHS won't pad crutches. It's just not "necessary" sadly

Do you have Amazon prime? The amount you'll spend on socks and bits... what about these?

WowOoo Tue 01-Nov-16 17:11:21

I had that problem. I wore plasters as I didn't want to wear gloves as they were too slippy. But leather gloves might do the trick. Do you have any he could borrow?

I wish I'd known about pipe lagging and bandages.
At least it's only 2 weeks.

cakedup Tue 01-Nov-16 20:14:18

So, I've wrapped the handles in cotton wool pleats, held in place with gauze dressing and micropore tape.

But yes, you're right SpaceDinosaur it doesn't feel as secure now. It's either wrap it up so tight and lose the padding effect or wrap it loosely and risk it slipping. I don't have Amazon prime and can barely afford to spend a tenner on gloves...however they do look good. So I will see how DS gets on tomorrow and take it from there. My friend's son is a cycling fanatic so she might have a spare pair that I could borrow.

No leather gloves WowOoo but I'll put plasters on the sore bits of his hands tomorrow.

TheGingerBreadWoman Tue 01-Nov-16 20:17:17

Someone recommended to me the padded tape that's used to cover the handles of tennis rackets etc (the sporty tape stuff) it's absorbent non slippy and padded!

goddessofsmallthings Tue 01-Nov-16 21:14:40

You can buy padded crutch handle covers on eBay for £5-£6 a pair but it's not worth investing in them as your ds will soon be able to walk unaided.

I had the same problem and made removable (and therefore washable) covers out of a pair of Poundland children's socks - my blisters healed with the aid of Superman and I was able to move around a lot quicker. smile

rosesandcashmere Tue 01-Nov-16 21:18:55

I was on crutches for a year. Sweatbands are your friend here! Get quite a few, and layer up over the handles until comfy then in a few days his hands will be used to them and he will be ok.

rosesandcashmere Tue 01-Nov-16 21:19:09

They do big packs on amazon or in sports direct I think

rosesandcashmere Tue 01-Nov-16 21:19:42

Also they don't slip smile

dementedma Tue 01-Nov-16 21:23:28

Agree cycle gloves.

cakedup Tue 01-Nov-16 22:33:18

My friend said she post me a pair of her son's cycling gloves but having looked on Sports Direct, they are only a few quid and there's one near me, so will have a look to see if they have any in stock.

rosesandcashmere how do you put them on, I'm guessing you just snip them and then wind them around the handle? Gosh, a year on crutches you poor thing. DS is going crazy and it's only his 3rd week. He's just gone to bed in tears he's so fed up with his cast and crutches. I will mention him to you tomorrow for a bit of perspective!

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