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Any dentists on line please?

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mckenzie Sun 30-Oct-16 15:20:49

45 years ago I ad a small accident playing leapfrog and broke my two front teeth.
30 years ago I finally had them fixed (while in the US).
This year, I've had them removed and re done as I'd chipped one and they were both starting to discolour.

The whole experience of getting them replaced has been a head ache.

The first set, which I waited ages for, were the wrong colour match.
The second set, which I waited even longer for, were the wrong size/shape and had to be remade.

I've had the finished teeth fixed on for about 3 months now and today, one of them has come off.

Would it be unreasonable of me to ask for my money back and to go elsewhere?


Racheyg Sun 30-Oct-16 15:27:26

are the crowns, bridges or dentures? You can ask for your money back. They might refund a percentage as they will have the lab fee to pay. I would write a letter explain how unhappy you are and give it to them when you go in to have the restoration recemented.

mckenzie Sun 30-Oct-16 17:50:20

Thanks for the post.
They are crowns.
I really don't want this dentist to do any more of the work; I have completely lost faith which I think is understandable. I thought that these 'permanent' crowns were supposed to be just that, permanent.
Was I lucky with the clowns I had before or might that have been different?

mckenzie Sun 30-Oct-16 19:56:58

How does this sound?

Earlier this year I decided to replace the fittings that I had on my two front teeth as one had chipped very lightly and was starting to discolour. I attended Poledeen Avenue dentist to have replacement crowns fitted, had moulds taken and temporary covers fitted.
When the new teeth we fitted it was quickly evident that the colour match was very poor and one of the teeth did not fit well. I attended for a second set of mounds to be taken and attended the laboratory to source a better colour match.
The delay in getting the new teeth made was so long that the mounds were unusable and I had to attend the surgery for another set to be made.

Eventually the new teeth arrived and were fitted. There was a slight inbalance but when the dentist used the file to make the tooth level, she then created an inbalance in the other direction!

The teeth then needed to be smoothed out to create a level edge but I was understandably too nervous to allow her to do more than a millisecond of filing so was left with a not quite level tooth.

Also, a black stain/mark between the top centre of the two teeth which she told me was probably the concrete.

If my diary notes are correct, I first attended the surgery for the mounds to be taken mid April and finally had two new teeth at the very end of July.

Today, one of the teeth fell off!

I have no confidence in this dentist (although she is a lovely lady) and I do not want her to repair this tooth. I will be going elsewhere where I can get a more professional reliable service and I request a full refund of the money that I have paid for these teeth.
I look forward to hearing from you by return.

Racheyg Sun 30-Oct-16 21:18:27

Is there another dentist you could see within the practice?

Ask to speak to the practice manager and follow it up with the letter. You may find that they are understanding and will do their best to get you the treatment completed correctly.

It's very rare for crowns to just fall out if they are new, did they cement with a temporary cement? The black mark, is it still present?

Racheyg Sun 30-Oct-16 21:20:38

I just want to add I am not a dentist but work in a cosmetic dental practice starting as a nurse, then a treatment coordinator and now the dentist pa. so have a understand of dental treatment.

mckenzie Mon 31-Oct-16 19:38:23

Thanks again.
I spoke to the practice manager today after sending them the E mail and tomorrow I'm seeing the most senior dentist to discuss the options.
Fingers crossed this tooth stays on until then.

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