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Pulmonary embolism

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Flumplet Sat 29-Oct-16 09:28:27

For the past week I've had a terrible cough, wheeze and sore chest so yesterday I bit the bullet and went to the doctors for what I thought would be a routine visit and prescription for anti-biotics, but the doctor had other ideas and sent me straight to hospital with suspected PE. I couldn't be more in shock. So yesterday I spent the day in hospital having numerous blood tests, ECG because my heart rate was averaging 140 resting and my temperature was high. I had a chest xray which showed a small shadow on my left lung which could be infection or the remnants of a clot. Blood tests showed d-dimer was elevated. I need some sort of CT scan tomorrow which should provide further clarification of what's going on. In the meantime I've been sent home with clexane injections and pain relief. I was just wondering if anyone had any experience of this and whether it sounds like PE or something else. For information I'm female, 33, non smoker, BMI in mid 50's so very obese. No flights or long distance travel recently and not on the pill or any other medication, but I do have a sedentary desk job.

Flumplet Sat 29-Oct-16 22:30:06

Ahem... <hopeful bump>

maisiejones Sat 29-Oct-16 23:05:31

Well it does sound as though you have many of the symptoms of a PE. Good that you've started Clexane though.

lougle Sat 29-Oct-16 23:12:02

I'm glad you took it seriously. You are getting the tests you needed so hopefully you'll recover soon. Once you've recovered it might be a good idea to ask if you'd be wise to wear anti embolism stockings at work, or at least treat your working hours like a long-haul flight and do regular leg exercises to keep your blood flowing in your legs.

Tinkerisdead Sat 29-Oct-16 23:15:04

I had PE, multiple clots on both lungs after my DD2 was born. It was quite frightening with a newborn and I was kept in hospital for nearly two weeks as my blood levels wouldnt stabilise.

Once you're on injections for a while they will start you on warfarin (assuming it is indeed PE which from your D-Dimer alone sounds like it is).

What I will say is that I was really frightened, I felt like I had a ticking bomb in me and would become terribly panicked. However one of the symptoms of PE is anxious/unsettled/jittery feeling(I cant remember how they word it) and so I went through big periods of becoming really quite anxious and it becoming a but of a cycle. The more worried I got, the more aware I was of my heart beating/breathing and so I worried more.

I had to go every day for an INR check at my gp surgery and have my warfarin tailored etc which was inconvienient especially post section/newborn. But once I had started treatment everyone was very calm about it which helped.

BeBopTalulah Sun 30-Oct-16 08:46:20

It sounds like PE, raised d-dimer, pain, shortness of breath. You've been scheduled for a CTPA (CT pulmonary angiogram). They will inject a contrast dye and scan the vessels in and around your lungs for any blockages.

While doing all these tests, they will have been ruling out other possible causes for chest pain and shortness of breath. They've probably not told you about these if they were negative anyway IYSWIM.

The lifestyle factors you've mentioned are just 'risk factors' or things that make it more likely for you to have a PE. Being sedentary and having a BMI over 30 are risk factors, but not all people with PE have these risk factors. I.e you certainly don't need to have all of the things you've listed to end up with PE.

The fact that you've been allowed home in the meantime is very encouraging. This NHS Choices page may be helpful to you. I hope you feel better soon.

Musicaltheatremum Sun 30-Oct-16 18:15:01

The only thing that goes against PE is the high temperature. The DDimer could also be up due to infection. That said, PEs are frequently under diagnosed so better to err on the side of caution.

Flumpletstein Sun 30-Oct-16 19:06:26

Had my ct scan today and there were no clots just inflammation of a blood vessel and a nasty infection so I've got some steroids and antibiotics to get me back on my feet. Thanks for all your responses.

hanban89 Mon 31-Oct-16 22:32:42

I read your post thinking pneumonia. Is that what it was? Sounds very similar to my experience!

Flumpenstein Tue 01-Nov-16 11:29:37

No they didn't say it was pneumonia just a bad infection and also some sort of scar tissue on a blood vessel. Antibiotics haven't kicked in yet so I'm still very feverish and lethargic and still sore so I'm slobbing out on the sofa catching up on Poldark and Victoria with tea and left over Halloween sweeties!

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