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PMT. Anyone else?

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HumberLass Thu 27-Oct-16 20:48:06

Does anyone else get awful PMT. Honestly I feel it come over me and for a few days I hate myself, and everything else. I have tried every pill under the sun, the injection and the coil, and then decided to veto hormones totally and am now on the copper coil, which i've been on a couple of years now thinking when the hormones were my own i'd be more sane. Hell no, the me without artificial hormones is a b*tch from hell. I have no patience with DH or DC and would happily sit all day alone with nothing to irritate me. Anyone tried anything thats really helped?

crispandcheesesanwichplease Thu 27-Oct-16 21:28:44

Hi Humber. PMT sufferer here too. It makes me vile, I want to clean the loo with my OH's toothbrush, push my DC downstairs, delete EVERYONE from my phone. Irrirable doesn't even begin to describe the monster I become!

I used to get it really badly. Then I started with the menopause, been period free for over 2 years and the PMT had largely gone. However I went onto HRT a few months ago and now the full on PMT has returned.

I tried many different supplements etc in the past and found the only thing that worked for me was a product called Magnesium OK. It's a vitamin/mineral supplement that you can buy at any well stocked chemist. It only costs about £4 for a month's supply.

I'd truly forgotten how vile the PMT was but now it is back and I'm back on the Magnesium OK. It helped a great deal in the past so I'm hoping it'll work again.

HumberLass Thu 27-Oct-16 21:34:35

Ah man, i'm horrendous. DH says 'if you know its coming and you know you're awful, can't you control it?' yeah, because I didn't ever try... FFS. I am on magnesium but forget to take it. I was ok until yesterday when something irritated me so I wanted to smash it, today its full blown monster, bedtime with DC becomes a chore and I have zero patience. I'm basically a vile human for a few days. So sick of it.

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