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Urethral diverticulum

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Avasmummy2011 Wed 26-Oct-16 23:00:34

Hi, just wondering if anyone can share their experiences with UD?
I was told I had a cyst a couple of years back which kept filling with puss and they would empty and give me antibiotics, but when they finally realised antibiotics wasn't going to clear it up they I was referred for a MRI, then at the time I was pregnant with my son so it had to be put of until I had given birth. Sure enough a couple if Months after I had given birth I had my MRI and they found what they thought was two cysts. I was then referred to urology and saw a consultant he told me they would need to do surgery under a local and remove them burn away anything left and I would be good. So I went for my pre op and got the date for my day surgery.
When arriving at the hospital I got taken through and the nurse said the surgeon wanted to examen me first, he then went on to tell me they had looked at my MRI results and wouldn't be able to do the surgery as it is not a short surgery and that they are not cysts instead it was urethral diverticulum which is a lot more complicated. Basically meaning my urethra has ruptured for a reason we do not know and they were going to have to cut into my urine pipe to cut them away as they are connected. This means I will have a lot of stitches and a catheter fitted for three weeks minimum.
I'm worried as iv never had stitches or a catheter or been put under! I'm only 24 and have two children I feel to young to be having these problems. All the stories I have read online are terrible and most from the US I am hoping someone can help reassure me that has been through this! I can't afford to be off my feet for long I have a five year old and a five month old and I'm Abit worried that this will wipe me for six! The other worry is they will have to do a biopsy on anything they remove as rarely they can conseal cancer confused

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