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Feel like i need to we all the time- kidney problem?

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SloanePeterson Wed 26-Oct-16 14:13:18

I have an appointment at my dr in an hour but i wanted to see if anyone can shed some light on this first. I had a miscarriage 6 weeks ago at 10 weeks. I needed a d&c and a 3 unit blood transfusion and still don't feel back to full strength. My appointment this afternoon is with the phlebotomist as I've been asked to keep going back intermittently for full blood counts and iron level tests. But the last few days I've felt unwell, dh says I've felt very warm and I do feel very tired (which has become the norm tbh, but more so than recently). I've realised I have a feeling like I need to wee all the time. It doesn't hurt at all when I go, I just get no relief from going. I bought some cystitis sachets yesterday but nothing. I've just collected a sample to take with me in the hope that someone can test it when I'm at the surgery (will they? If I'm there anyway?) I'm still really quite traumatised by what happened last month so I'm not relishing the thought of anyone having too close of a look at me, but I feel really uncomfortable. I never suffer from UTIs usually so could it be something related to my blood still not being quite right?

AnchorDownDeepBreath Wed 26-Oct-16 14:18:49

It could be a UTI or an early kidney infection. A sample is a good idea, make it as fresh as possible and the doctor will do a dip test.

There's not usually any type of intimate exam, maybe some prodding of the stomach.

Best of luck.

SloanePeterson Wed 26-Oct-16 14:25:02

Thank you anchor x I think your name says it all, I just have to get it over with. I'm just worried they won't do anything as I don't actually have an appointment with a nurse. But I'm just so uncomfortable!

AnchorDownDeepBreath Wed 26-Oct-16 14:28:31

In my surgery you can drop off samples anyway, so I'd imagine the very worst is that they'll let you leave the sample there and give you a call with the results in a few hours, but as you are seeing someone, I hope they'll just test it there and then and call in a doctor or nurse if they need one.

I get fairly regular kidney infections, I'm 90% sure I've got one at the moment but I don't feel well enough to walk to the doctors. I sympathise! I hope it gets better soon x

weegiemum Wed 26-Oct-16 14:29:03

Sounds very like a UTI to me, i get them quite regularly. The cystitis sachets won't really help if you need an antibiotic. The GP/nurse will dip it, and possibly get you a prescription for antibiotics.

Sorry to hear you've been through such a horrible time flowers

SloanePeterson Wed 26-Oct-16 15:16:58

Well, that was no help. She did actually test it but she said everything looked fine. Slightly high lucosites? I think was what she said but she said that was to be expected.i did ask why on earth i needed to wee all the time then and she just shrugged! I have no idea what to do now

SloanePeterson Wed 26-Oct-16 17:38:02

Argh, and now I've just missed a call from the surgery and have a message saying they'll call me in the morning. So now my minds working overtime. what can they possibly know from my blood already? I thought they sent everything offsite, were usually told to wait til mid afternoon the next day to call about results. So cross I didn't hear my phone

Tanfastic Wed 26-Oct-16 20:31:02

Slightly high leukocytes means you have an infection. I expect that's why they were ringing you.

SloanePeterson Wed 26-Oct-16 21:10:49

Thanks tan, when I got home I did Google and then wonder why on earth she told me that that was to be expected. I don't think she kept my wee though, so I unsure that anyone else would have tested it, and it was a different nurse that left the message. Am now worrying, over nothing I'm sure, I've just never been called about results before, and certainly not so quickly. I'll call in the morning to get some clarity. Even if it is about my blood, I'm going to ask someone else about my wee issue!

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