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Sub-clinical hypothyroid - wondering whether to push for treatment

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Coldcomfortjoe Wed 26-Oct-16 11:24:01

Just wondering if anyone had any experience of sub-clinical hypothyroidism?

Was told I was sub-clinical hypo a year ago and told to re-test in 12 months time. Latest results are T4 of 14 and TSH of 7.7 - so levels have worsened since the last test.

My GP won't treat til TSH of over 10. But, am struggling with weight gain, slowly creeping up despite watching portion size and sticking to a low carb diet as much as possible. Also very tired all the time including fuzzy head, and although not freezing all the time I'm definitely feeling the cold and usually have cold hands, feet and bum! Family history of hypothroidism.

Not sure whether to push for treatment or not. Am early 40s and not quite ready to write off the weight gain and tiredness to middle age quite yet! Anyone had any success persuading docs to try treatment at this stage? Or would you advise to just weight until levels get to the expected point for treatment? Thanks!

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