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yellowsquarepostit Wed 26-Oct-16 09:50:46

Hi has anyone found any particular improvement with probiotics?

I know onions set me off and I think wheat and sometimes lactose. But it's variable. I think triggered by iron tablets which I'm off but have been left with issues.

Just wondering whether to do a really good stint on them?

MrsSam Wed 26-Oct-16 10:37:45

Hi there, over the years I have tried numerous things for my ibs and I have had decent results with probiotics. I think anything is worth a go. I have also used peppermint oil capsules for the bloating and domperidome worked well for a while.

For me different things have worked at different times. I have also find triggers come and go, I used to be great with Sunday lunch, now it's just meat potatoes and carrots as everything else sets me off. Stress is my big trigger (not easy to avoid with 6 DC) and also any illness whatsoever, if my gall stones play up I can guarantee my ibs is not far behind. Iron tablets were a big one for me, I had months of problems the last time I took them, really disagreed with me, my iron was very low so I needed something, I managed to tolerate floradix, don't know if that's something you could consider?

yellowsquarepostit Wed 26-Oct-16 14:51:59

Thanks mrssam very helpful!

They checked me for gall stones as it was especially fatty food shooting through but I think that was the left over irritation from the iron. and a big fish n chips

Currently doing a trial month without to see what the drop is though I suspect I'll need something. I'll try floradix thanks. Solgar irritated it too unfortunately.

I think a week of biokult really did help if I took it really strictly 2 twice a day last week but I then ran out on Monday, waiting for a new supply!

I need to keep on top of it as I find it hard to put on weight anyway without food being ejected without time to digest!

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